The Most Incredible Homes We Featured in 2019

December 18, 2019
In the living room, an eclectic array of pieces feels cohesive and serene. French mantel flanked by 19th-century Irish cabinet and leather-wrapped Jacques Adnet chest; vintage light fixture by Serge Mouille; vintage armchairs by Gio Ponti; club chairs by Barrie Benson for Highland House, highlandhousefurniture.com, for upholstery get the look with Artisanal Boucle, Schumacher, fschumacher.com. Art by Joan Mitchell and Hunter S. Thompson. Paul Costello

Chandra and Jimmie Johnson’s Simply Perfect Home

For gallery owner Chandra Johnson and her husband, NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson, creating a comfortable home for their two young daughters and busy lives did not mean slouching on style. They’re one of the chicest couples in the South, known for their genuine warmth and generous spirit, and they’re constantly on the go, but are devoted homebodies at heart. So they needed a space that could reflect and make room for that all. Enter decorator Barrie Benson, the maestra of mix-master style.



Walls, pelmet, curtains and screen in Pomegranate Print, trim border on walls in Knox Tape, headboard and bedskirt in Knox, sofa in Dorset, Schumacher, fschumacher.com. The miniature folding screen in the corner conceals an unsightly radiator. The pen-and-ink drawings above it are of Tyringham, a Sir John Soane house where Konig’s father grew up. James Merrell

Rita Konig's Pattern-Filled Sanctuary

When we heard that interior designer Rita Konig was in the midst of gut-renovating her family’s beloved Victorian farmhouse in northern England, we couldn’t resist issuing her a Schumacher Challenge: Show us what “traditional” means to you. Her response? A thrilling guest room steeped in classic elements but unabashedly of the here and now.



Upholstered walls and duvet in Magical Ming Dragon, pillow shams in Magical Ming Dragon, square pillow in Dazzle Ship cut 
velvet, curtains in Java Seas, all by Johnson Hartig/Libertine 
for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. Paul Costello

Johnson Hartig of Libertine's Magical Abode

Cashmere sweaters covered in glittery sequin skulls. A silk wrap dress in a print of oversize snuff bottles. Jackets embellished with hand-sewn appliqués and crystals and bon mots galore. Johnson Hartig, the designer of the fashion line Libertine, possesses a witty, soulful irreverence that his legions of fans adore for its drop-dead chic. His exuberant new collection for Schumacher expresses the same unfettered style and love for couture details. What better place to showcase it than at his own Los Angeles home? 



In the living room, plenty of seating at varying heights amounts to a welcoming space fit for a wide range of uses. Vintage chairs in their original muslin, a custom sofa in linen and a fluffy moroccan rug give the neutral scheme plenty of textural variation. trim on curtains in Turret Tape, Schumacher, fschumacher.com; for rug, get the look with Nukka, PFM, pattersonflynnmartin.com. Francesco Lagnese

Elizabeth Mayhew’s Relaxed Retreat

What do you get when a multihyphenated maven—interior designer, style authority, entertainer extraordinaire—takes up residence in a former 1940s cheese factory in New York’s Hudson Valley? An unexpected and thoroughly relaxed home that’s a nexus of family, friends and fun in the heart of farm country.



The central hall is the fulcrum around which the entire palace plan radiates, and draws visitors from the entryway level to the upper floors. The architectural elements blend Baroque and Neoclassical touches, creating harmony out of the tension between different volumes and forms. The whole space is topped by a spectacular octagonal dome. A pair of marble lions stand sentinel on the stairway landing. On the lower level, in the center niche, is the famed Farnese Hercules statue. Hercules is the conqueror of disorder, imposing calm so that things can flourish and grow.

And ... a Palace!

During his travels through Italy in 1786, Goethe remarked that the Reggia Di Caserta “is in perfect harmony with a region that is itself a garden.” Built by the Bourbon kings of Naples, the royal complex rivals that other Bourbon phenom, Versailles, in its majesty, significance and unrelenting beauty. Yet somehow, it’s still largely unknown.




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