At Home With Johnson Hartig of Libertine (It’s a Magical Place!)

September 18, 2019
Cashmere sweaters covered in glittery sequin skulls. A silk wrap dress in a print of oversize snuff bottles. Jackets embellished with hand-sewn appliqués and crystals and bon mots galore. Johnson Hartig, the designer of the fashion line Libertine, possesses a witty, soulful irreverence that his legions of fans adore for its drop-dead chic. His exuberant collection for Schumacher expresses the same unfettered style and love for couture details. What better place to showcase it than at his own Los Angeles home? 
The sofa and slipper chair are in Jokhang Tiger Velvet by Johnson Hartig/Libertine for Schumacher; spin-art painting by Damien Hirst. Hartig wears Hamish Floral Track Jacket and Pants by Libertine.  Paul Costello

Over the Rainbow

Hartig at home in his Los Angeles living room. “There’s maybe nothing I love more than color,” he says. “It’s amazing how seemingly clashing hues can actually create a cocooning, comforting space.”
Tableskirt in Terence Ikat by Johnson Hartig/Libertine for Schumacher. Paul Costello

Rooms for Taking Risks

“My house is a laboratory,” Hartig says. “Experimentation is one of life’s great pleasures.” The boldly scaled ikat used here as a tableskirt was named for Hartig’s rescue mutt, Terence.
Johnson Hartig’s kitchen: Walls in Plates and Platters wallpaper, 
tea towel on oven handle in Modern 
Toile fabric, napkins on center 
island in Magical Ming Dragon fabric, all by Johnson Hartig/Libertine for Schumacher, fschumacher.com; wallpaper also available on shop.livetheedit.com. Paul Costello

Layer It Up

Hartig’s collection of blue-and-white transferware inspired the wallpaper design in his kitchen.
Terence Ikat fabric available at fschumacher.com. Hartig in "Hong Kong Garden" Chinoiserie Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt and Sweatpants, Libertine, ilovelibertine.com. Paul Costello

Pattern Play

For an antique fauteuil, Hartig isolated different details from the expansively scaled Terence Ikat, showcasing the pattern’s infinite possibilities.
Upholstered walls and duvet in Magical Ming Dragon, pillow shams in Magical Ming Dragon, square pillow in Dazzle Ship cut 
velvet, curtains in Java Seas, all by Johnson Hartig/Libertine 
for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. Paul Costello

A Wonder-Filled Retreat

Hartig’s bedroom is at once high-spirited and thoughtfully layered, and exhibits his facility with both sophisticated polish and funky DIY flair. The jockey paintings are by 19th-century artist Joshua Deighton, and the rest of the artwork was picked up by Hartig on his travels. The motif on the curtains was inspired by 17th-century Indian batiks. “The pattern feels worldly and global and inclusive,” Hartig says,“which to me is the most lovely sentiment to be surrounded by in a room.”

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Johnson Hartig in his kitchen.Paul Costello