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Frederic Magazine

A celebration of the power of design, FREDERIC is your guide to a more beautiful life. Unbeholden to trend and always open to the unexpected, we are as curious about the past as we are about the future. Four times a year, we showcase the work of the most interesting, important, and adventurous figures in the world of interior and garden design, architecture, fashion, art, travel, and entertainment. Dedicated to the highest level of quality, with contributions from the world’s top photographers, stylists, and writers, our original content inspires with every page.

Delivered to your door four times a year, our print edition is filled with a range of topics that comprise the well-lived life—interior and garden design, architecture, art, travel, entertainment and more.

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Our History

FREDERIC is named after the visionary Frederic Schumacher, who founded F. Schumacher & Co in 1889. Mr. Schumacher had the uncanny ability to predict what was coming next in the world of interior design; now, we aim to do the same in FREDERIC at our magazine in print and online so that you can always stay ahead of the pack.