About Us

Frederic Magazine

With an audacious spirit all our own, FREDERIC is the most refreshing voice in design, an elixir for a more beautiful life. Unfettered by outside noise, our editors embrace the unique and unexpected. Every glossy page becomes a visual feast of the covetable in a magazine born to be collectible.

Delivered to your door four times a year, our print edition is filled with a range of topics that comprise the well-lived life—interior and garden design, architecture, art, travel, entertainment and more.

The Frederic Files Newsletter

For your daily dose of style inspiration, look no further than FREDERICMAGAZINE.COM: Our digital lifestyle destination gives you access to top designers and tastemakers across the globe. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter, THE FREDERIC FILES, for a bi-weekly round-up of the latest must-read stories.

Our History

FREDERIC is named after the visionary Frederic Schumacher, who founded F. Schumacher & Co in 1889. Mr. Schumacher had the uncanny ability to predict what was coming next in the world of interior design; now, we aim to do the same in FREDERIC at our magazine in print and online so that you can always stay ahead of the pack.