Leave it to floral designer Lewis Miller to deck his library with a magical swag intertwined with bits of yellow and orange. Styled by Carolyn Englefield.

Francesco Lagnese

Deck the Halls with These Festive Holiday Decorating Ideas

From icy blues to woodland whimsy, shop our editor-approved looks.

November 23, 2023

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays in the mountains, on the coast, or in a city high-rise, make the most of it by going all-out with festive trimmings in a fresh-yet-timeless theme. From retro-inspired wrapping papers and vintage-style string lights to traditional red-and-white baubles and ruby-colored glassware to rustic wooden dreidels and woven wreaths that won’t leave pine needles strewn about the house, these picks will provide all the inspiration needed to make winter-wonderland dreams come true.


A cozy nook in an Italian mountain chalet is decorated with wintry folk motifs.

Stefano Scata/The Interior Archive


Keep things serene with a creamy palette and natural textures.

Max Kim-Bee


Simple red bows make a stylish statement in Maddalena Caruso’s Italian country villa decorated for Christmas.

Stefano Scata/The Interior Archive


Cool blues and whites set the stage for an elegant dinner in Mary McDonald’s dining room.

Miguel Flores-Vianna


A pop of plaid adds cozy cheer to a Western Michigan home filled with vintage finds.

David Tsay/The Interior Archive