Take a Tour Through Barry Dixon’s Lovingly Restored Virginia Estate

The turn-of-the-century property has hosted its fair share of notable guests.

December 14, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Virginia’s horse country lies picturesque Elway Hall, a 1907 Edwardian estate meticulously restored by interior designer Barry Dixon. Designed by famed American architect Henry Hobson Richardson, the house was a wedding gift from U.S. senator and railroad tycoon Johnson Newlon Camden to his daughter, Annie, and son-in-law; however, it wasn’t completed until after Richardson’s passing in 1886. While the architect didn’t live to see the final result, his distinct American interpretation of English Edwardian lives on for all to admire—including one particularly high-profile guest, Wallis Simpson, who stayed there on and off for two years while her divorce was finalized.

For more than 20 years, Elway Hall has been home to Dixon and his partner, Will Thomas. Dixon’s childhood spent abroad and the lush surrounding landscape infuse the estate with a international charm. The designer feels that his role aligns more with that of a steward than owner, sharing the sprawling estate (more than 15,000 square feet set on 300 acres) with family, friends, charities, and the Warrenton Hunt. Watch our video for an exclusive tour.