Jewelry Designer Fernando Jorge Shares the Things He Can’t Live Without

Utility and style meld effortlessly to encourage repeated use.

December 19, 2023
Jeweler Fernando JorgeCourtesy of Fernando Jorge

Known for his sensual shapes and easygoing elegance, London-based, Brazilian-born jewelry designer Fernando Jorge’s craft is taking the world of fashion by storm. His dazzling collections, often combining brilliant diamonds with colorful custom-cut stones, are inspired by the rich cultural landscape of his home. From celestial formations to earthly materials, Jorge harnesses the power of nature to enhance the man-made, constantly bending the rules of fine jewelry to reflect his reverence for heritage and connection to the places that influenced him throughout his life.

Since Jorge’s pieces have earned a top spot on many of our own wish lists, we decided to ask the designer about his own must-haves. From luxuriously laid-back linen to artists’s tools that truly stand the test of time, they’re as simply stylish as the jeweler’s own signature aesthetic.

Shop Fernando’s Favorites

  • Prismalo Aquarelle Pencils by Caran d'Ache

    “The best part of my work is when I’m surrounded by Caran D’Ache watercolor pencils. I’ve loved them since I was a child, when I got them as gifts from my grandparents. One could probably blame them for me becoming a designer.”

    £325, carandache.com

  • Linen Twill Overshirt by Zenga

    “This overshirt by Zegna ticks so many boxes for me. It feels very luxurious but can be worn casually and is practical. It’s not too warm or too cold, perfect for my nomadic life, works in every season or environment.”

    $1,490, farfetch.com

  • Rider Suede Backpack by Métier

    “I love everything Métier does. For me, I prefer the practicality of a backpack; this one doesn’t compromise on the design or the quality.”

    £2,550, metier.com

  • Double Stretched Links Small Bracelet by Fernando Jorge

    “It happens very rarely, but sometimes I design a piece for myself within my collections. The bracelet is one of those.”

    $8,400, fernandojorge.co.uk


  • E2 Coffee Machine by Zuriga

    “This sleek coffee machine is a sleek addition to my kitchen and morning routine.”

    €1,460, zuriga.com


  • Framed Tray by Rose Uniacke

    “A recent purchase that is so simple and clever. Very subtle and practical.”

    £690, roseuniacke.com

  • DBB1 Leather & Suede Sneakers by Lanvin

    “One of the tricks to mastering day-to-night style: I have been wearing Lanvin suede sneakers for at least a decade.”

    $590, lanvin.com


  • P200 Automatic Pencil by Pentel

    “This automatic pencil is almost an extension of my body. I can’t express myself properly without sketching, and always have one around me.”

    £9, pentel.com

  • Tortoise Torched Rattan and Aluminium Cocktail Table by Tino Seubert

    “I love natural materials, and have been coveting this coffee table by Tino Seubert, made with torched rattan in contrast with aluminum.”

    $2,800, 1stdibs.com

  • Everyday Case for iPhone 15 Pro and Bar Mount by Peak Design

    “Small accessories that made a huge difference in my life. This iPhone case and mount keep my hands free while cycling or working.”

    Phone case, $50, peakdesign.com
    Bar mount, $50, peakdesign.com