In this Alecia Stevens–designed laundry room, folding sheets is anything but a chore.

Max Kim-Bee

Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning With a Laundry-Room Refresh

These stylish—and functional—products will help keep your home spic and span.

March 12, 2023

While there’s no denying the pleasure of a freshly washed set of towels or a crisply ironed pillowcase, the journey from hamper to linen closet isn’t always a delight. With the right tools, though, you can take the slog out of wash day by transforming your laundry room into an oasis of calm and order—or, at least, a slightly more aesthetically pleasing destination in which to spend a Sunday afternoon. From fragrant linen sprays to charmingly old-fashioned drying racks, these picks will make housekeeping a piece of cake.

One easy way to perk up a utilitarian space? A smile-inducing wallcovering. Here, Ellerslie Interiors used Schumacher’s Pyne Hollyhock to add charm.

Allison Elefante

Shop Our Favorites

  • A British classic.

    The Laundry Maid, £265, devolkitchens.com

  • Corral clutter in a handwoven basket.

    Walnut Cross Basket by Emily Ridings, $520, fschumacher.com

  • Pre-sorting saves time on laundry day.

    Double Laundry Sorter by Werkstätten Haus Hall, €139, manufactum.com

  • Padding protects delicates—and a fun print adds a dash of cheer.

    Padded Coat Hangers (Set of 3), $33, mollymahon.com

  • Rubber bristles grab lint without damaging fabrics.

    Lint Brush, $39, brookfarmgeneralstore.com


  • Beautifully utilitarian (and can be wired for US outlets).

    Dionis Wall Light, £1,050, studio-atkinson.com


  • For drying socks and other small items.

    Bamboo Laundry Peg Airer, $13, goldricknaturalliving.co.uk

  • Eco-friendly and deliciously fragrant.

    Super Frais Laundry Soap by Kerzon $30, hbx.com


  • For the crispest table linens imaginable.

    Miele Rotary Iron, $2,550, williams-sonoma.com

  • So much prettier (and more sustainable) than plastic.

    Reusable Spray Bottle, $10, shop.loganmercantile.com

  • A sprinkle before ironing creates a delightful cloud of scent.

    Lavanda Lavender Water, $48, bostongneralstore.com

  • Made in France since 1969, they’re guaranteed for life.

    Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothespins, $24, flotsamandfork.com

  • A brilliant small-space solution.

    Maple Drying Rack, $174, schoolhouse.com

  • Fluff towels without dryer sheet residue.

    Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 4), $10, publicgoods.com

  • Extend the life of your favorite knits.

    The Sweater Stone, $10, containerstore.com

  • A simple decluttering solution for any room.

    Shaker Peg Rails, from $23, connectedgoods.com