Design Connoisseurs Reveal the Keychains They’re Hooked On

Our keys are getting a brand-new wardrobe.

February 10, 2022
Max Kim-Bee

In our NEW Elevated Everyday column, we’re asking the most stylish designers, tastemakers and influencers we know for the inside scoop on their trendiest day-to-day favorites. The best part? Each item is shoppable, making it easy for us to elevate our everyday with a just a quick click!

Michelle Nussbaumer

  • Courtesy of Ceylon Et Cie

“I love when women support women, so I’m very loyal to my O ring by Oventure, which was started by two fabulous mothers and entrepreneurs in Dallas, Texas.” – Michelle Nussbaumer

Pearlized Big O Key Ring, $25. oventure.com.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

  • Lu Tapp

“I love the scale of this keychain, big enough not to loose but small enough to fit into your pocket. The detachable triangular ring clip allows you to easily remove the key ring, making it a safe option for valet parking, while the classic leather toggle is a Bottega trademark and androgynously chic.” –Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Key Ring, $300. bottegaveneta.com.

Jessie Randall

  • Jenellie Troche for Loeffler Randall

“I was given a gift of a beautiful woven keychain by a friend. Someone made it on Etsy. It’s so pretty and special—I’m planning to start carrying them in my own shop!” – Jessie Randall

Plastic Lace Keychain by Holly’s Bohemian Creations, $6. etsy.com

Ashley Whittaker

  • Melanie Acevedo

“Keychains are like jewelry, and this one reminds me of a favorite gold bracelet of my mother’s. Since it’s something you see and use every single day, why not make it elegant!” – Ashley Whittaker

Le Maillon Saint Laurent Keyring, $395. ysl.com.

Nick Olsen

  • Reid Rolls

“An exception to my neutral rule would be this mustard yellow Bottega keychain! I love the two simple metal shapes combined with a complex knot—helpful because I have more keys than a high school janitor!” – Nick Olsen

Yellow Intertwined Keychain by Bottega Veneta, $350. ssense.com.

Mary McDonald

  • Ninelle Emfrova

“My current Tiffany keychain is the watering can which is now vintage, but there are always fun ones that are timeless like this Swiss army knife. I love all Tiffany key chains because they’re keepsakes—you’ll keep it your entire life.” – Mary McDonald

Tiffany 1837 Makers Swiss Army Knife in Sterling Silver, $400. tiffany.com.

Edward Barsamian

  • Courtesy of BFA.com

“I use Cartier stationery for my correspondence, so a dear girlfriend gifted me this fabulous keychain featuring a very cool, lacquered take on their signature wax seal motif. It’s been with me for years and I love its antique vibe.” – Edward Barsamian

Diabolo de Cartier Key Ring, $570. cartier.com.

Tori Mellott

“I used to carry fancy, posh sterling silver key chains, but after receiving a needlepoint one as a gift, I’ll never go back! I love needlepointing—it’s a very old-fashioned, granny hobby and that lends an air of nostalgia to each piece, and because someone had to labor over each tiny stitch for hours and hours, that makes it special and deeply personal!” –Tori Mellott

Coral Greek Key Keychain Needlepoint Canvas by Rudy Saunders, $55. lycettedesigns.com.