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Why Bottle Green Is Our New Favorite Neutral

Plus: Our favorite tabletop accessories.

2 December, 2021

Moody, mossy and a little bit mysterious, this straight-from-the-forest shade of green is our current obsession. Tinged with just enough earthy brown, it’s the ultimate neutral—even the most color-averse will inevitably find themselves beguiled by its organic charm.


Looking for more inspiration? Check out designers’ go-to green paint colors!


Our Bottle-Green Tabletop Picks

  • Cup and Saucer

    By Augarten, $495, kneenandco.com.
  • Ruutu Glass Vase

    By Iittalia, in Moss Green, $210. nordstrom.com.
  • Perazza Candleholder

    $70. aerin.com.
  • Kuru Ceramic Bowl

    By Iittalia in Moss Green, $165, perigold.com.
  • Velasca Glass and Carafe in Slate Green

    By R+D.Lab, $255, obakki.com.
  • Cordwain Velvet Fabric in Olive

    Available through a designer. fschumacher.com.
  • Deep Charger Plate

    By Sylvie Saint-André Perrin, $338, johnderian.com.
  • Grass Green Pitcher

    By Eric Lindgren, $250. landofbelle.com.

  • Produced by Eugenia Santiesteban Soto, written by Emma Bazilian