Artist Jackie Gendel’s Exhibitions Are a Must-See This Season

October 29, 2020
Contemporary artist Jackie Gendel is ending the year on a high note. From November 11 through December 31, she’ll have simultaneous exhibitions at two of the South’s most exciting galleries—SOCO Gallery, in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Tif Sigfrids in Athens, Georgia.
Artist Jackie Gendel
Gendel’s evocative paintings frequently depict female figures in ways that probe the dual notions of society and self.
Untitled by Jackie Gendel.
Untitled by Jackie Gendel.
Under the Sidewalk by Jackie Gendel, 2012-2015.
The SOCO Gallery show will also feature an installation of Gendel’s monumental Steps, one of the arresting wallpaper patterns she designed for the indie brand Peg Norriss.
SOCO Gallery in Charlotte, NC: November 11- December 31
Tif Sigfrids in Athens, GA: November 11-December 31