Where to Shop in Georgia and Alabama, According to Designers We Trust

October 9, 2019

Despite signature styles that are wildly their own, interior designers Fran Keenan, Anna Wooten Loggins and James Farmer have a lot in common: creative and influential grandmothers, a love for family heirlooms and fashion — childhoods steeped in the ever-elusive, totally irresistible style of the south.

“We are a society of complete juxtaposition,” Farmer says. “We eat cereal with our grandmother’s silver spoons. We wear our Sunday best to a football game. It’s this high and low, this amazing cadence, rhythm and song that gets interpreted in our interior style as well.”

Here, the three Georgia- and Alabama-based talents share their secret weapons for creating timeless spaces: their local sources.


“When I was growing up, my family hired a South Georgia architect named Frank McCall to help renovate our farmhouse,” he recalls. “Mr. McCall was a lifestyle guru who helped clients with architecture, as well as interiors and landscape. That was a huge inspiration for me.”

To create his own unapologetically charming spaces, “whether it’s a garden room or interior, all the senses have to be engaged,” Farmer says. “A lot of folks get caught up in the aesthetic, but it’s so much more sensual than that. How does the room feel? How does it smell? What do you hear? My grandmother taught me that we eat with our eyes first; I like to create a visual feast and appeal to all the senses.”

James Farmer, Inc. is located in Perry, GA

Scott Antique Markets

ATLANTA, GA I’ve been going to Scott’s since I could walk. There are dealers there who remember when I started driving! Some people get up at 5 in the morning to shoot a deer, but not me. I’d get up at 5 a.m. and drive to Atlanta to pick out a dining room table or a chest any day. scottantiquemarket.com

Foxglove Antiques & Galleries

ATLANTA, GA This is my favorite Miami Circle antiques shop. Sheila has such a great eye and the space is so well-curated. I love the team that works there; I know I’ll be educated by them and able to educate my client. foxgloveantiques.com

Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors

ATLANTA, GA Peachtree Battle is like a mini Scott’s. I love an antique booth setup situation where you can graze. I usually park at Café Lapin and have my Buckhead Betty old lady lunch then walk up the hill to shop. peachtreebattleantiques.com

Boxwoods Gardens & Gifts

ATLANTA, GA Boxwoods is the ‘it’ store in Buckhead for everything you could ever need. They have fabulous antiques, beautiful art and accessories. It hits every checkmark for me. boxwoodsonline.com

Madison Markets

MADISON, GA I have a home in Cashiers, North Carolina, and halfway there is this great antiques store in Madison, Georgia. The service is amazing. madisonmarkets.com



“My grandmothers were huge influences on me,” Loggins recalls. “My maternal grandmother would skim through the pages of Vogue and have her dressmaker make the most fabulous clothes for her. She was just such a cool lady with the most beautiful antiques from all different eras that have now been passed down to our family. And my paternal grandmother was an interior decorator. She has an eye for all things interior, and I’ve been able to share that with her, which I love.”

Loggins’s spaces are a contemporary take on classic Southern style. “One of the staples of Southern style is the warm feel from the front door. It’s the Southern way to have company over — or be ready for unexpected visitors. That’s something my grandmother taught me: The front formal rooms of your house should always be ready for company!”

A.Wooten Interiors is based in Atlanta, GA.

B.D. Jeffries

ATLANTA, GA There’s always something unique at this boutique for home decor and gifts. They do a really good job mixing the old with the new. bdjeffries.com

Townhouse by Robert Brown

ATLANTA, GA It feels so different than everything else in town. Bob has a clean, edited eye and mixes in antiques so well. robertbrowninteriordesign.com/townhouse

Bungalow Classic

Bungalow is the big dog. Upholstery, lighting, antiques — they have it all. It’s well-edited and comfortable, and everyone can find something they love. bungalowclassic.com

Noah J & Co.

ATLANTA, GA I call them “small and mighty.” It’s a tiny store that’s filled with a great variety of lighting, furniture and objets d’art. I don’t think I’ve ever been in and not bought something. noahj.co


Hudson Grace

ATLANTA, GA Oh my gosh, I love Hudson Grace. They have the prettiest things to decorate a kitchen or a bar. hudsongracesf.com

Gregg Irby Gallery

ATLANTA, GA This gallery has fun, light-hearted art that my young clients just adore. greggirbygallery.com

Lush Life Garden & Flowers

ATLANTA, GA I love popping in here for something green or for things like soaps and cocktail napkins. It’s such a fun place to accessorize. lushlifehomegarden.com

Lucy's Market

ATLANTA, GA It has nothing to do with the design community whatsoever, but Lucy’s is hands-down my favorite shop in Atlanta. They have local produce, prepared meals, wine, gifts and my favorite hand soaps. And they have the best shaved ham rolls! I’m pretty sure I have like eight packs in my freezer currently. lucysmarket.com


“New York still inspires my work in so many ways,” says the one-time transplant. “And living in the city before Birmingham gave me this heightened awareness of things that I grew up with in Tupelo, Mississippi, and didn’t realize were special. Little things like quince branches at the flower market. I never noticed my mom’s flowering branches before living there.”

Her traditional-with-a-twist aesthetic requires a perfect balance. “I would have a hard time doing a room without old things. I never regret using something old, but there are definitely times when I regret using something new. What’s going to be the new thing that won’t date itself? Something old has already proven its staying power. In this world with constant visual nudges and Instagram dopamine hits, I’m always asking seeking to create a space that will speak for years to come.”

Fran Keenan Design is based in Birmingham, AL.


BIRMINGHAM, AL Joe has timeless, classic rugs and carpets as well as wonderful lighting and antiques. He has a great aesthetic and I’ve learned to really trust him. hiltzlauber.com

The Nest

BIRMINGHAM, AL Betty Margaret’s menagerie! She is this stylish silver fox that you just want to follow around and see what she picks up. She has a great eye and isn’t afraid of something that’s been loved on. 205-870-1264

Chelsea Antiques

CHELSEA, AL The owner Cindy Barr has a great aesthetic and is such a fun person. She’s been a photo stylist for every shelter mag in town. We find things here that we couldn’t find from anyone else. chelseaantiques1.com

Black Sheep Antiques

HARPERSVILLE, AL Barbara Adkins is one of the best editors of old primitive things that we have in our midst. She has an incredible eye and an approach that sets her apart. 205-283-6796

Dixon Rye

ATLANTA, GA I love this source. Bradley Odom and his team have such a great mixture of old and new and things you haven’t seen before. They take an artisan approach; everything feels very special there. dixonrye.com

Henhouse Antiques

BIRMINGHAM, AL Henhouse is one of our finer sources for French and English antiques. It’s tried-and-true authentic and a great source when a client has a healthy budget. henhouseantiques.com

Bungalow Classic

ATLANTA, GA Bungalow is a great source for newer pieces when we want to bring that edge in. They do a great job of having pieces that feel fresh and give a room use. bungalowclassic.com

Maison Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL Lots of white on white, 19th-century Italian pieces with textured art. Pam Evans has a beautiful aesthetic and creates a modern feel with old things. maisonbirmingham.com

Circa Interiors

BIRMINGHAM, AL Cindy Smith and Whitney Johnson specialize in Italian and French pieces. Their brand is just lovely and beautiful. circainteriors.com