Tricks of the Trade

The Schu Crew: The Team Behind The Bulletin

March 19, 2019

Our all-star editorial team loves creating issues that delight, inspire and surprise.They also love celebrations and big dreams, expressing their style and spending time with their families—they’re ravenously curious and unstintingly uncompromising.

In a recent flurry of photobooth sessions, they snapped pics with some of their favorite things.

Editor in Chief

What can I say? I have a deep aversion to anything phony: bad knockoffs, people who copycat other peoples’ ideas, things pretending to be something they’re not. That’s why I did this book, The Authentics, to celebrate the real-deal true originals who trailblaze through the creative world.

Art Director

My favorite mug reminds me of my childhood dreams. I’m still amazed that I’m not only surrounded by people who inspire me, but that I get to be creative every single day.

Executive Editor

Books, books books! For as long as I can remember, they’ve been a refuge and a source of deep delight for me. Bookworms of the world, unite!

Style Director

When Dara asked The Bulletin staff to take photo booth pictures with something that we love, I knew there were just two things to bring – my seven-year-old identical twin girls, Franny and Lucy. Coincidentally, we have a family tradition of taking our picture in photo booths whenever one crosses our path, so it seemed even more fitting to feature them as the thing (in their case, people!) I love and cherish the most! Everything else is for the birds in my book!

Managing Editor

I was born and raised in New York, so naturally, I love a good slice of pizza. Not only did I grow up eating some of the best pizza in New York, but two of my grandparents are from Naples, Italy—where pizza originated. So pizza is not only delicious, it also represents my family heritage. It’s my favorite food!

Senior Editor

Doughnuts smell divine, are always a little dressed up but never fancy, and never put anyone in a bad mood. In a nutshell, they’re an inspiration. Plus, they go well with coffee and good company. I’m 33 years obsessed.

Graphic Designer

“民以食为天” is the core fundamental of the Chinese philosophy about how to live a good life—essentially, it means that nothing should stand in the way of good meals. Growing up in Chinese culture has made me a true fan of trying and enjoying food. It is such an easy, direct way to spark joy and to experience and appreciate life. And I love cooking, too.

Graphic Designer

A hat of any kind is my ultimate go-to accessory. It can be a fun addition to any outfit, and on those rough hair days that we all have, especially me, it’s a great way to jazz up the mess!

Associate Editor

If I had my way, every event would involve tinsel garland. From birthdays to St. Patrick’s Day parties to Thursday nights with the girls–shiny, whimsical tinsel garland everywhere, please.

Associate Editor

Flowers make life beautiful and I love them oh-so-very much. They add happiness to the everyday, they smell divine, and they’re the best gift you could ever ask for.

Associate Editor

In good times and bad, coffee is there for me. I’m forever indebted to my first love.

Editorial Assistant

I “dated” these frames for over a year, stopping into Anne et Valentin in Soho every couple of months to try them on, until I finally used a portion of my first-ever paycheck from Schumacher to snag them. They are by far the most magical thing in my wardrobe, symbolic on so many levels, and they have that never-fail feel-good quality.

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