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Take Outdoor Spaces to the Next Level with JANUS et Cie’s Expert Advice

Warning: Your living room might be jealous.

April 10, 2024

Welcome to the great, glorious age of outdoor living. It’s an era of gracious rooms with blue skies for ceilings that offer all the comforts of the indoors, made possible by great leaps forward in weather-resistant technology. And we can’t think of anyone better than our friends at JANUS et Cie, a brand revered for its pioneering ways with luxury outdoor furniture, to help you fully embrace the season with lightweight-yet-durable loungers, refined accessories, and high-tech fabrics.

One of the most foolproof methods for taking your al fresco setup to the next level, says Parker Bowie Larson, the interior designer and stylist behind JANUS et Cie’s dreamy new Palm Springs–set ad campaign, is to go bold with color and pattern. “People think they need to stick with neutrals that blend in, but the flowers in a garden look beautiful in large part because of their bright colors set against the green background,” says Larson. “So go for it! Color will not just brighten the mood, but make your furniture stand out.”

As we move toward warmer weather, consider this your go-to guide for turning your pools and patios into extended, exceedingly comfortable rooms for living.

Turn Your Brights On

When picking outdoor fabrics, think of your arrangement like an indoor space where anything goes—not just white, beige, and cabana stripes. Larson advises starting with the pieces that take up the most real estate first. In this case? The upholstery on the Duo round daybeds. Rather than go with an expected solid, she chose JANUS et Cie’s vibrant Overland pattern to match the modern design vibe of the Palm Springs location. Another point in favor of patterns: their camouflaging powers. “They are your friends for outdoor upholstery as they hide dirt and stains.”

Once the biggest pieces were decided, Larson coordinated the Titan café umbrellas in a matching solid—and then took a little departure. “Marian McEvoy shared some advice she learned from Yves Saint Laurent, which is that it’s always better to go for the unexpected. Putting navy and white together just because that’s what you think works is boring.” So she shook things up with some unexpected hits of orange in the form of throw pillows and towels, creating this unconventional turquoise and tangerine color combo.

Accessorize for the Weather

Duo cabana in Bandeau fabric, throw pillow in Overland fabric, and Bon Vivant pouf.

Tyler Joe

In al fresco settings, cabanas are the natural center of attention. People gravitate toward their cozy and cosseting confines, and you can amp up the allure by making them even more comfortable and functional. And here’s where accessories have a multiplying effect. The Bon Vivant pouf and Facet side tables can be pulled up to serve cocktails and snacks, and then shift into extra seating. Throw pillows provide all-important positional comfort, while adding an element of pattern mixing that echoes the sophistication of an indoor space. The sun shades on the Duo cabana, meanwhile, can be pulled down for privacy and up for a little exposure. The upholstery fabric—JANUS et Cie’s Bandeau in Papaya—was chosen for its super weather-resistant durability and cuteness (it reads like a pinstripe, and the ground has a slight orange tint that tones down the contrast).

Hoist Your Colors

“Think of umbrellas as the window treatments of the outdoors,” Larson suggests. Like curtains, these JANUS Teak umbrellas are made for filtering light, but when there’s no upholstery in the picture, they’re also the perfect way to introduce a punch of color and personality. Add to that the options for customization, from contrasting trim and double tiers to scalloped edges, and they’re also ideal for creating a bespoke, something-new-under-the-sun look. “I always recommend having more than one because you have more control over the sun’s rays, and more opportunities to show off a beautiful fabric,” says Larson.

Other ways to add color and pattern to a sea of hard surfaces? Larson recommends coordinating dinnerware, like the Thomas Fuchs melamine she found to match the Palm Beach Fuschia of the canopies. Then layer on colorful hanging lanterns, table linens, and throw pillows for the chairs.

Technically Speaking

Matisse club chairs and two-seat sofa with throw pillows in Overland and Bandeau fabrics, Monsoon Ixora vase, and Sparkler lanterns.

Tyler Joe

Proving that snippets of pattern can have enough impact: this outdoor living room, where the throw pillows are the stars. Done up in Bandeau and Overland fabrics, these pillows stand out against the white Matisse club chairs and two-seat sofa—and they’re also built to last. “We carry a vast array of textiles with various constructions, weights, and hand feel, which really makes our textiles stand out,” says Carolina Zhang, JANUS et Cie’s Vice President of Product Design and Development. With more than 200 fabrics to choose from, it’s possible to create upholstered pieces that are made for the elements, striking the elusive balance between beauty and durability. Made out of solution-dyed acrylic, the Bandeau fabric on the right, for example, offers the combination of a soft hand and fade-, mildew-, and stain-resistance. Overland, meanwhile, brings hospitality-grade durability with a different hand.

In addition to fabric choices, JANUS et Cie’s technology makes pillows and cushions that are a lot more than just pretty. With eight different fill options including reticulated foam, which allows liquid to pass through and is made for rainy season; a dozen finishing choices for a custom look including butterfly corners and welt edges; and a host of sophisticated cushion attachments, you’re able to create upholstery that’s ideally matched to your vision and your environment. Add flowers—nature’s ultimate accessory—to make a final, colorful statement that ties it all together.

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