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August 8, 2023

From new wave cinema to Dior’s new look, the ability of France’s creative class to reimagine itself is second to none. Lately, we’re finding ourselves scintillated by the design community’s new take on craftsmanship: applying ages-old techniques to updated forms, the results are worthy of a place in French history.


Once upon a time, the Provençal town of Vallabrègues was the largest producer of baskets in France. That tradition had all but died out when Anthony Watson and Benoît Rauzy launched Atelier Vime, a studio specializing in handwoven goods, from their 18th-century home there. Now a cult favorite for all things wicker, the brand works with local artisans to create lighting, furniture, and more in of-the-moment silhouettes. And if you happen to find yourself in Provence this summer, make sure to visit Watson and Rauzy’s shop, La Maison Vime, open from mid-June through mid-September.

Courtesy of Atelier Vime

Learn more at ateliervime.com.


It’s no secret that Paris is a shopper’s paradise—and the list of must-visit boutiques somehow keeps growing longer with every visit. On our current itinerary? A quartet of new home stores that stand out for their innovative approaches to effortless French style. From exquisite textiles to exuberant ceramics with a notable pedigree, they’re worth a trip for the inspiration alone—though we have a feeling you won’t be able to leave empty-handed.

  • Come for Bienaimé’s impossibly chic packaging, stay for the intoxicating fragrance of the perfumes, soaps, and other scented goods within. bienaime1935.com

    Francesco Lagnese
  • Color and pattern are the calling cards of Maison Matisse, a hip destination for youthful wares founded by the celebrated artist’s great-grandson. maison-matisse.com

    Clément Savel
  • Schumacher returns to its French roots with its very first showroom-slash-boutique in the heart of Saint- Germain-des-Prés. schumacher.com

    Stephan Julliard
  • With its showstopping furniture and au courant accessories in unforgettable hues, Laura Gonzalez’s new Parisian gallery draws tastemakers from far and wide. lauragonzalez.fr

    Francesco Lagnese


There’s no sacrificing craft when it comes to these new updates on French tradition: Expertly made from the finest materials and innovatively designed with an eye toward what’s next, these noteworthy pieces from our favorite modern-day brands offer forward-thinking style in heirloom-worthy packages.

  • All Lined Up

    Doisy Headboard by Inès Lucas for Maison L. Drucker

    Price upon request, maisonlouisdrucker.com

  • Heavy Metal

    Trevise Sideboard by Vincent Collin for Edition Limitée

    Price upon request, editionlimiteeparis.com

  • Sculpture Class

    Mast Chair by Atelier Pendhapa

    From $2,040, theinvisiblecolletion.com

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Miroir aux Oiseaux by Pierre Yovanovitch for Dior Maison

    $4,000, dior.com

  • Material Culture

    Agatha Armchair by Martin Massé for Kolkhoze

    Limited edition of 15, €15,100, kolkhoze.fr

  • Growing Wild

    End of Sofa Vivace Side Table by Laura Gonzalez

    $8,850, 1stdibs.com

  • Taking Shape

    Mawu Chair by Laura Gonzalez

    From $3,425, theinvisiblecollection.com

  • Abstract Thinking

    Diagonale Table by India Mahdavi

    Price upon request, india-mahdavi.com

  • Circle Around

    Screen Reiko by Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais for Ecart International

    Price upon request, ecart.paris

  • Minimal Moment

    Kelly Dining Table by Frédéric Pellenq for Kolkhoze

    Limited edition of 15, €15,200, kolkhoze.fr


Young French artist Maximilien Pellet is putting a new spin on the ages-old art of mosaic, earning the applause of A-list designers like India Mahdavi. His handmade tiles, boldly glazed, are arranged like puzzle pieces into forms worthy of a Matisse collage for an effect that’s timeless and evocative. Explore his website to see more.

Courtesy of Maximilien Pellet & Double V Gallery/Photo © WIP Art


A lamp isn’t just a lamp in the hands of the most brilliant French artisans and brands. Whether formed from hand-shaped clay, woven from straw, or modeled in sleek metal, these lights are to a room as the perfect handbag is to an outfit—they can pull the whole look together in one fell swoop.

  • Natural Selection

    Ibiza Pendant by Honoré Deco

    €160, honoredeco.shop

  • Film Noir

    Nocta Lamp VII by Denis Castaing for Kolkhoze

    €2,000, kolkhoze.fr

  • Glazed Over

    Mini Baladeuse Nuit Etoilée Pendants by Alix D. Reynis

    $110, smallable.com

  • Cutting Edge

    Origami Table Lamp by François Champsaur for Pouenat

    $10,500, lustare.com

  • Color Fields

    Paw 1 Sconce by Pierre Yovanovitch

    Price upon request, pierreyovanovitch.com

  • Mod Moment

    1925 Lamp by Felix Aublet for Ecart International

    Price upon request, ecart.paris

  • Lightbulb Effect

    Pivotante à Poser table lamp by Charlotte Perriand for Nemo Lighting

    $383, hivemodern.com

  • Celestial Beams

    Solveig Floor Lamp by Ligne Roset

    $1,085, ligne-roset.com

  • Form and Function

    Bosphore Wall Lamp by Laura Gonzalez for Jean Roger

    From $2,015, theinvisiblecollection.com

  • The Shape of Things

    LP Lamp by Atelier Vime Editions

    €1,690, ateliervime.com

  • Graphic Arts

    Abat-Jour Colonne Lamp by Coline de Masure

    $632, debeaulieu-paris.com

  • Task Master

    Kraft Lamp by Ecart International

    $2,630, rewirela.com


It’s no small feat for an up-and-coming talent to make a mark on the French fashion scene—which is why the emergence of Jacquemus, a label known for its sleek tailoring and covetable accessories, has been all the more exciting.

For spring, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus (pictured at right) embraced a more laid-back (but no less refined) look, sending models in woven raffia and leather pieces down a straw-strewn runway.

  • Le Bob Ficiu Bucket Hat, $400; Les Créoles Raphia Earrings, $300; Pleated Skirt, price upon request; Le Bambimou Bag, $1,145; Les Pralu Hautes Strappy Sandals, $655; all by Jacquemus, jacquemus.com.

    Courtesy of Jacquemus / Giovanni Giannoni
  • Les Créoles Raphia Earrings, $300; Le Haut Palha Bustier, $815; Raffia-Embroidered Jeans, $400; Le Bisou Denim Bag, $570; all by Jacquemus, jacquemus.com.

    Courtesy of Jacquemus / Giovanni Giannoni
  • Silver Earrings, $150; Fringed Coat Dress, $2,400; Le Seau Bucket Bag, $955; Leather Sandals, $420; all by Jacquemus, jacquemus.com.

    Courtesy of Jacquemus / Giovanni Giannoni
  • Woven Vest and Shorts, prices upon request; Shirt, $710; Le Seau Bucket Bag, $955; Les Tongs Aruba Sandals, $420; all by Jacquemus, jacquemus.com.

    Courtesy of Jacquemus / Giovanni Giannoni


The latest from the land of Limoges is anything but old-fashioned: In sensuous shapes, graphic designs, and unexpected hues, these French tabletop wares elevate mealtime to a work of art. Playful, bold, and a little bit mind-bending, they’re worthy of a pedestal but made for everyday living.

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