From top: Pink Sapphire Buttercup Tennis Bracelet by Mateo. Emerald Cut Bezel Diamond Bracelet by Anita Ko. River Bracelet Multi Sapphires by Mad Lords. Flicker Bracelet by Fernando Jorge. Lucy Baguette and Round Diamond Bracelet by Sethi Couture.

These Tennis Bracelets Serve Up Serious Style

Game, set, sparkle.

February 11, 2023

It may be a TALL order to execute Chris Evert’s Grand Slam–winning backhand, but her penchant for diamond-encrusted wristwear is certainly more than achievable. Coming into vogue during the Roaring Twenties, the “eternity bracelet” was all the rage for the upper echelons of society as a gesture of everlasting love. It wasn’t until 1978 that the term “tennis bracelet” took off after Evert wore an elegant version during a match—where it proceeded to break, spilling across the court, and causing a pause so she could collect the pieces.

  • From left: Bracelets by Suzanna Kalan, Anita Ko, Fernando Jorge, and Mateo.

  • Nova Bracelet by Eva Fehren.

From parlor floor to tennis court, these gem-encrusted bracelets quickly became synonymous with the sporty and rich—including Evert’s fellow champions Serena and Venus Williams. Riffing off the classic design, our current favorite are worthy opponents for the century-old original.

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