A Miami project designed by Phillip Thomas.

Kris Tamburello

Freddie’s Edward Barsamian Is All About Futuristic Style

The Freddie head of editorial and social and FREDERIC contributing editor is ready for what's next.

July 29, 2022
Edward Barsamian

For me, style is style. There’s a continual thread of taste that exists, but it evolves as we, as individuals, continue to experience new things and meet new people. As someone who’s always looking at the new, now, next, it’s no surprise that my style bends toward the future. This is something I’ve also noticed seep into the world of interiors. It’s nothing new, as designer Pierre Cardin famously championed a space-age aesthetic more than 40 years ago, but when I saw the elegant, elevated yet contemporary spaces designed by Freddie designer Phillip Thomas, I was entranced by the mélange of textures and silhouettes. It reminds me of my approach to dress—I’ve long championed fluid dressing, selecting pieces that work for the person, not the gender. And given the rise of mashups on the runways and in the world of interiors, I wanted to look at pieces that work now and portend what’s to come. I’ve been craving a touch of bling, lots of texture, and oodles of luxury all wrapped in packages that look deceptively simple and streamlined.

Edward’s Futuristic Favorites

  • Often in the background of my Freddie Lives is a plush Pikachu by Japanese-based design consortium Fragment. However, I love Daniel Arsham’s take on the iconic character reimagined in cast resin and aluminum oxide.

    Crystallized Pikachu Future Relic in white by Daniel Arsham, $5,490, artsy.net 

  • I’m in the midst of moving apartments, and one thing that’s a non-negotiable is a bathtub. I adore the designs from Ryan White, whom I interviewed on Freddie’s Instagram, and cannot wait to add this sleek piece into my serene, stone palace.

    Vast Studio Bathtub I in black iron, $11,995; vaststudio.com

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey, but in console form. It’s fabulous.

    Time/Space Portal Console, Ombre 3, A Series by Neal Aronowitz, $12,500; 1stdibs.com

  • To block out the sun and everything else.

    Saint Laurent New Wave SL 1 sunglasses, $420, ysl.com

  • These wireless lamps marry form and function with icy flourish.

    Baccarat Jardin de Cristal Jallun votives, $1,300, baccarat.com

  • Like the surface of the moon or what I imagine an astronaut wearing, I adore the juxtaposition of fine Swiss craftsmanship, a rubber strap, and diamonds. Call it polished utilitarian.

    Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce, $21,055, wempe.com

  • Made from the French house’s signature swift leather, this printed case marries old-world grandeur with modern sophistication.

    Hermès H Deco 3 Watch Winder box, $13,100, hermes.com

  • These adorable placemats remind me of constellations and stars and are elegant to use inside, outside, or in space.

    Verderoccia Firenze Thirty Pearls placemat in rosewood and titanium, €250; verderoccia.com

  • It’s no secret that I still smoke cigarettes—I know, I’ll quit—but until that day comes, I’m doing it in style. The great Karl Lagerfeld brought his astute touch to the world of design with a series of objects and this Arabescato Fantastico Marble ashtray reminds me of a never-ending vortex.

    Untitled XII by Karl Lagerfeld, €8,500, carpentersworkshopgallery.com

  • While I’m not always a fan of what Denma Gvasalia and his team produce for Balenciaga, the couture collections always deliver. This look takes cues from the tailoring of namesake Cristobal while modernized for today through slick material choice. It’s couture for the future.

    Balenciaga Couture Fall 2022, for more information, balenciaga.com