Max Kim-Bee

Stylish Gardening Tools

We did the digging for you.

March 25, 2022

As any true gardener knows, the art of cultivation is a gritty one. But who says dirt and style can’t go hand in hand? We’ve assembled some of our favorite accessories that are both pretty and practical for both the professional and the newbie horticulturist to ensure you’ll be at your best while breaking ground.

  • Farmhouse Pottery

    Fieldstone Hanging Bird Shelter

    Stoneware plus rope makes for a winning combination in this beehive-shaped birdhouse.

  • Garden Trug

    A classic English garden accessory made by a rush-weaving master.

  • Luxury Leather Gardener’s Bag by Petersham Nurseries

    This beautiful utilitarian bucket can pull double duty outside the garden, too.

  • Niwaki Rattan Snips

    For upgrading your flower-arranging game.

  • Atelier Tradewinds

    European Wicker Basket Garden Wagon

    A weatherproof workhouse.

  • Gardenheir

    Waterproof Garden Hat in Red

    As red as your most vibrant rose.

  • Worker’s Apron Two-Tone by Flora Animalia in Clay/Raven

    Perfect for tool-toting gardeners—and cooks and crafters, too.

  • Gardenheir

    Italian Garden Clogs in Wheat

    The looks of leather without any of the mess.

  • Petersham Nurseries Special Editions Book

    The English nursery and lifestyle shop with a cult following is worth commemorating in book format.

  • Niwaki Cotton Canvas Tool Roll

    Perfectly designed to fit your tools, even an oversized hori hori knife.

  • Radish Garden Gloves

    Heavy-duty, but adorable, too.

  • Sneeboer Trowel and Fork Gift Set

    Dutch-made tools that are meant to last a lifetime.

  • Rural Kind Garden Kneeler from Toast

    Like a Filson bag for your knees.



  • Sahara Desert Garden Hose by Garden Glory

    In a sophisticated shade of taupe.

  • Custom Seed Stamp from Cedar and Gray Paper Co

    For personalizing seed-saving gifts.



  • Haws Professional Long Reach Watering Can

    The only watering can you’ll ever need.

  • Washed Cotton Drill Gardening Smock in Olive

    The ideal work shirt—functional yet tailored.

  • Wildflower Paper Seed Canons

    A party popper that delivers black-eyed susans along with confetti.

  • Bamboo Compost Bin in Graphite

    A good-looking solution for countertop composters.

  • Olive Tree Sapling

    There’s no better gift than an actual olive branch.

  • Saipua Soaps

    For scrubbing the dirt under your garden-weary nails.