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Frederic Finds: 18 Essentials to Ease Back Into Office Life

Head back to work in style.

12 August, 2021
While we may have adjusted to WFH life, some of us are more than ready to leave our living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms for those hallowed office halls. So we’ve gathered all the things you’ll need to make the transition as seamless—and stylish—as possible. From sleek chargers and luxe laptop cases to comfy flats and pretty paperweights, you’ll be set (and dressed!) for success.

  • Vintage 1980s Belgian Glass Paperweights

    An eye-catching way to keep your papers in order. $620. chairish.com.

  • Scallop Edge Pencil Tray

    A beautiful catch-all to hold just about anything. $104. pentreath-hall.com.

  • Ito Bindery Red Memoblock

    For lists, reminders, and more! $18. unisonhome.com.

  • Cherry Leather Laptop Case

    Sleek, cherry red leather slips nicely into any purse. By Masel, $280. artemest.com.

  • Tote Bag

    The perfect back-to-work tote. $2,450. bottegaveneta.com.

  • Cape Cod Chaine d'Ancre Joaillier Watch

    Diamonds up the ante on keeping time. $9,500. hermes.com.

  • The Scent Sampler

    Botanical hand sanitizing sprays keep germs away! $29. amass.com.

  • The Lip Balm

    To keep lips hydrated in the dry office air. $38. augustinusbader.com.

  • Venezia Mask

    If we need to wear one, a soft linen mask feels better (and looks more beautiful) on the face. $160. juliab.com.

  • Leonie Timber Ballet Flat

    The perfect shoe for running around town. $295. loefflerrandall.com.

  • Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum

    To look bright-eyed for the morning commute. $210. chantecaille.com.

  • Morzine Jumpsuit

    A chic alternative to the work-from-home outfit. By Madeleine Thompson, $650. net-a-porter.com.


  • Snake Notepad

    For jotting down the to-do list. $14. evbantiques.com.

  • Astier de Villatte Scented Erasers

    An everyday object becomes something special. $8. jaysonhome.com.

  • Strawberry Fields Sticky Note Folio

    Who says sticky notes have to be yellow? $14. riflepaperco.com.

  • Carry Portable Wireless Phone Charger

    Because you can’t leave home without a charger! $150. staycourant.com.

  • Chapter Mips Helmet

    Safety (and fashion!) first. $135. explorethousand.com.

  • EVRYjourney Bike

    Stylish, socially-distanced transportation. $600. sixthreezero.com.