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Take a Trip Around the World Just by Stepping Inside This New Sag Harbor Shop

July 23, 2020

Katie Leede’s new shop in Sag Harbor brings the world home.

In a time when most people are pulling their duvet covers over their heads, interior designer Katie Leede is inspiring us with a different approach. She’s rolling out antique carpets, dusting off Italian lamps, and opening the doors to her new shop in the iconic village of Sag Harbor on New York’s tony East End of Long Island.

A visual spectacle, Katie Leede & Company is impeccably sourced with a mélange of comfortable, colorful, and unique objects from around the world—Persia, Turkey, Italy, England, Morocco, France, India, Cartagena, and the U.S., to name just a few.

Katie has a very gutsy way of putting a space together and we couldn’t be more excited to stretch our legs here and take in her story. Be it “safely” in person or over a Zoom call, Katie works with all comfort levels.

We met up with her virtually to learn more about her latest endeavor and what else she’s up to these days.


Leede in front of her new shop at 23 Washington Street in Sag Harbor, New York.

How did your shop come to be?

“It was very “kismety.” I live in New York City and was in L.A. before that. One of my favorite stores is Ruby Beets in Sag Harbor, and a few weeks ago I saw a “For Rent” sign in the window. I’ve always wanted a shop, so this was a great opportunity, in a great space, in an incredible little town.”


What shops do you love?

“Finding a favorite shop is like going on a treasure hunt. I love Robert Kime and Penny Morrison’s stores in London. I loved Suzanne Rheinstein’s Hollyhock in L.A., and Treillage, back in the day. They had book signings, parties, and events that pulled everyone together. I also want a place for designers to source unique items and people to be inspired together.”

“Whale Pod” a stencil print by Julian Meredith holds court over an array of new and vintage pieces.
A rich blue bookcase is peppered with vintage glass vases, antique sculptures and other wonderful finds from Leede’s global travels.

What’s in your shop?

“I’m selling pieces from a beloved antique store that went out of business, also John Danzer’s garden furniture from Munder Skiles, artwork from Margaret (Peggy) Kennedy and the Sears Peyton Gallery, Von Gern Home Accessories, Il Buco Vita glassware and candles (these are some of our favorites), hundreds of fabulous carpets, textiles and gems from my world travels.”

In Sag Harbor, name the best place to have:

Lunch? I love Donna Karan’s Tutto il Giorno

A drink? On the porch of the American Hotel

Ice cream? Big Olaf’s on the pier

What are you reading?

“Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale. It’s a beautiful New York love story. And a great summer read is Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House.

What are you watching?

“Normal People, Versailles, and My Brilliant Friend. These cinematic escapes to Ireland, France, and Italy are a beautiful way to travel in place.”

Decorating Advice:

“Decorate the way you live—don’t worry about dogs, kids, sand, etc. Find pieces that are well made and timeless. Make your home a place to travel in your mind. Include photographs, which can be windows into other worlds.”

Do you have a goal?

“It’s good to be a renaissance woman! I’m going to learn how to do it with more grace as I get older!”