From Dara’s Desk: April 2019

April 11, 2019


Our Creative Director, Dara Caponigro,
shares her favorites from the new collections.

Marcel, Wallcovering, Shown in Blush 5009881, Available in 3 colorways



Trompe L’oeil? Absolutely! We’re feeling it big time and think it’s
time for it to make a comeback. Our new patterns don’t take
themselves too seriously—they embrace the more painterly side
of the tradition—and create instant architecture wherever they go.


Augustus, Wallcovering, Blush 5009891,
Available in 2 colorways

“The perfect ceiling paper. It reminds me of my
recent trip to Reggia Di Caserta, the incredible palace
near Naples that rivals Versailles. Done in soft
colors, it will be the icing on the cake of any room.”


Villa, Wallcovering, Sky 5009911, Available in 2 colorways
Villa Stripe, Wallcovering, Sky 5009921, Available in 4 colorways
by Miles Redd

“Miles Redd created a painted tented entryway for a client in San Francisco.
The second I saw it, I knew we had to translate it into a wallpaper and,
happily, Miles agreed. We created panels with the scalloped tented stripe
motif at the top and a mottled ground below. They’re 12 feet tall so you
can cut them at the point that works best for the room. Plus, we did a
coordinating stripe if you want to go for broke and install it on the ceiling
(or anywhere else for that matter!). I think they’re genius!”

La Galerie, Wallcovering, Yellow 5009942,
Available in 3 colorways

“Inspired by the work of Christian Bérard,
this chic paper looks hand painted.”

Marcel, Wallcovering, Blush 5009881,
Available in 3 colorways

“Three dimensional squares that
are classic but modern.”


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Citrus Garden Sheer, Fabric, Shown in Primary 178350, Available in 2 colorways



For more laid back lifestyles, these patterned sheers
and casements are the perfect thing. They add interest
to windows without the fuss of traditional curtains.


Topo Sheer, Fabric, Slate 75901,
Available in 2 colorways

“A free form embroidery casement with tiny acrylic
beads. A bold pattern that’s surprisingly delicate.”

Arabesque Maze Sheer, Fabric, Grey 75870,
Available in 2 colorways

“A Mary McDonald rug pattern translated
as a sheer. It’s been stonewashed so that
it’s super casual but supremely stylish.”

Citrus Garden Sheer, Fabric, Primary 178350,
Available in 2 colorways

“Your favorite print interpreted as a sheer. Pure joy!”


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Alpine, Fabric, Shown in Blue 76251, Shown in Green 76452,
Shown in Grey 76450, Shown in Fuchsia 76453, Available in 4 colorways



I’m so proud of our brand new tactile and sumptuous upholstery
building blocks. They show off the artisanal side of what we do.


Guthrie, Fabric, Natural 76420

“A faux leather, cotton and wool basketweave
that’s handsome and practical.”




Dima, Fabric, Indigo 76393, Available in 4 colorways
Auckland Performance, Fabric, Sandstone 76410, Available in 5 colorways

“Upholstery fabrics that look like they’re straight off the handloom.”

Hallingdal, Fabric, Pebble 76441,
Available in 4 colorways

“A classic herringbone that’s been brushed
so it’s incredibly inviting to the touch.”



Esmark, Fabric, Dove 76400, Available in 2 colorways
Tundra, Fabric, Light Grey 76461, Available in 2 colorways

“They remind me of the Wooly Wooly in Babar and the Tribbles in Star Trek.
Two impossible soft and furry wovens you can’t help but fall in love with.”

Alpine, Fabric, Blue 76451,
Available in 4 colorways

“If you knit, you’ll recognize the simple stitch
motif in this pattern. It has all the the
coziness of your favorite hand knitted sweater.”


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