The Home Designs of Our Dreams, by Indie Artisans You Should Know

September 24, 2018

Schumacher and Patterson Flynn Martin are always on the hunt for the freshest design-world talent—and the latest crop of collaborators ups the style ante to dizzying new heights.

From left to right: Adam Charlap Hyman, David Kaihoi and Caroline Z Hurley, photographed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Melanie Acevedo

Steeped in their respective crafts while shattering the molds of what a creative should be, David Kaihoi, Caroline Z Hurley and Adam Charlap Hyman are stepping into the spotlight with bold, out-of-the-box fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs that are destined to be tomorrow’s heirlooms.

David Kaihoi

David Kaihoi. Melanie Acevedo

An artist to his core, David Kaihoi is in a constant state of painting, drawing,  sculpting, constructing, decorating, daydreaming, designing. His previously released fabrics and wallcoverings for Schumacher generated such effusive interest and demand that PFM tapped him for a just-launched line of unconventional and covetable rugs.

In fact his new goods for PFM are so exceptional, they would look right at home next to Kaihoi’s gallery-worthy canvases. Unexpected silhouettes and materials take center stage, with fringes and metals all playing a role. Together, the collection feels both irrevocably modern and timeless, just like Kaihoi’s mesmerizing rooms.  

For yet another virtuoso decorating project, David Kaihoi blended his own Schumacher and PFM designs.


Bedskirt and outer canopy, pelmets, and fauteuil slipcover in Lines 71213, armoire door in Turkish Step 71241, all by David Kaihoi for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. XY hand-knotted wool rug by David Kaihoi 72431 and wall-to-wall Marcia Panama carpet 39237, both PFM, pattersonflynnmartin.com. Francesco Lagnese, produced by Olivia Caponigro.


Weeping Pine wallpaper by David Kaihoi for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. Francesco Lagnese, produced by Olivia Caponigro.


Sofa slipcover and pelmet in Lines 71213 and pillows in Tutsi 71222, all by David Kahoi for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. XY hand-knotted wool rug 72431 by David Kaihoi for PFM, pattersonflynnmartin.com. Francesco Lagnese, produced by Olivia Caponigro.



Caroline Z Hurley

Caroline Z Hurley and her Sepiessa wallpaper.

At her studio in Brooklyn, Caroline Z Hurley creates mixed-media works that capture her alluringly spare visual language and her rigorous embrace of craft. Dedicated to and passionate about process, Hurley launched her own block-printing facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts, reviving a nearly lost art form in a struggling community that had once been a textiles hub.

She brought that same indomitable spirit and creative vision to her collaboration with Schumacher, resulting in a beautifully integrated collection of fabrics and wallcoverings in a range of infinitely useful materials and scales. It’s a tactile expression of artistry at its unfettered best.





Duvet cover in Sepiessa fabric 177890, Euro pillows in Great Rock Embroidery 75630, throw pillow in Cedar Tree Neck 75600, all by Caroline Z Hurley for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. Rope sculpture by Sonja Gilkey, sonjawebergilkey.com. This section: Melanie Acevedo; produced by Olivia Caponigro; styled by Olga Naiman.


Sofa slipcover and cushions in Menemesha 75612; pillows in Tiasquam Weave 75663, left, Cedar Tree Neck 75603, middle, Tiasquam 177883, right; all by Caroline Z Hurley for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. Estérel Sconce II, Pagani Studio, paganistudio.com.


Table runner in Tiasquam Weave 75661, napkins in Sepiessa 177892, all by Caroline Z Hurley for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. Aquila Pendant II, Pagani Studio, paganistudio.com.



Adam Charlap Hyman

Adam Charlap Hyman. Melanie Acevedo

Not quite 30 years old, Adam Charlap Hyman is something of a design wunderkind, and Schumacher’s and PFM’s youngest collaborator ever. But don’t let his tender age fool you. He and his partners in Charlap Hyman & Herrero have already established themselves as the firm to turn to for clients seeking sublime design steeped in a rarefied yet charming milieu.

For their sophisticated-meets-surreal fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs, they plumbed such deeply cultured references as herpetology, classical mythology and the aesthetic particulars of Gertrude Stein’s Paris apartment.

Charlap Hyman crafted many of the motifs by hand, and this translates into goods marked by a reverence for even the tiniest detail.




Serpiente rug 73011, left, and Espiral rug 73058, right, all by Charlap Hyman & Herrero for PFM, pattersonflynnmartin.com, 1stdibs.com. This and another image shown below first appeared in Introspective, the weekly online magazine of 1stdibs. William Laird/Introspective magazine by 1stdibs. 


Giove wallpaper 5009462, 5009461, 5009460, and fabric 177662, 177661, 177660, all by Charlap Hyman & Herrero for Schumacher, fschumacher.com. William Laird/Introspective magazine by 1stdibs.