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The Short List: We’ve Found the Most Stylish Log Holders

It's fireplace season!

2 March, 2018
Digging through the market’s myriad options for that perfect something­—be it a big-ticket item or a small (but statement-making) detail—can be more than a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, scouring the globe for the best of the best: The Short List!
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Practical and stylish, these vessels are perfectly sized for firewood—and will warm up your hearth all year round.

  • Iron and Rope Basket

    English Country Home, $450, ecantiques.com

  • Iron Twig Planter

    Formations, available through a designer, formationusa.com

  • Wood Basket Emma, powder-coated metal and leather

    Eldvarm, $560, monc13.com

  • Michaël Verheyden Brown Saddle Leather Basket

    March, $500, marchsf.com

  • Ten-Gallon Stoneware Crock

    Ohio Stoneware, $90, redhillgeneralstore.com

  • Iron Square Cage Planter

    Formations, available through a designer, formationusa.com

  • Round Storage Basket, rattan

    Aero, available through a designer, aerostudios.com 

  • Asilomar Wood Bucket, bronze and steel

    Tuell and Reynolds, available through a designer, tuellreynolds.com

  • Lubid Abaca Basket

    Schumacher, available through a designer, fschumacher.com

  • Adirondack Leather Log Bag

    Mecox, $675, mecox.com

  • 700 Woodholder, blackened steel

    Wm. H. Jackson, available through a designer, wmhj.com