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An Expert Explains the Glamorous (And Scandalous!) History of Regency Style

On July 29, 2021

Call it the Bridgerton effect. Since this runaway Regency-era hit appeared on our screens, the whimsy, elegance and bright pastel […]

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Drama Queens, Goddesses and Milkmaids: The Many Roles of Women in Toile

On March 4, 2021

In her ongoing series for The Edit, textiles expert Jill Lasersohn discusses the fascinating portrayal of women in one of her favorite […]

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Marie Antoinette Went Bananas for This Toile

On November 30, 2020

In her ongoing series for The Edit, textiles expert Jill Lasersohn takes us on a deep dive into the fascinating […]

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Flamestitch: The History Behind the Chic Motif

On September 17, 2018
Historical textiles expert Jill Lasersohn has amassed one of the country’s most significant collections. She expounds on the eternally chic flamestitch motif, an all-time favorite of hers, and what’s behind its enduring appeal.   In my 25 years of collecting, I have only uncovered seven flamestitch documents. They are hard to find. The moths love […]
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The Glittering History of the Star Motif

On April 22, 2021

They might be ubiquitous, but stars have always been a captivating force. From the earliest days that humans attempted to […]

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Traditional Decorating Is Back—And Better Than Ever

On April 14, 2021

From the return of chintz and chinoiserie to the resurgence of pleats and patterns, the latest twist on traditional style […]

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The Vichy Check: a Pattern for the Ages

On November 11, 2020

In her ongoing series for The Edit, textiles expert Jill Lasersohn dives deep into the fascinating history behind our favorite […]

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Can You Crack This Da Vinci Code?

On August 7, 2020

Leonardo da Vinci might be best known for the Mona Lisa, the Vitruvian Man, and his attempts at engineering a […]

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This Fierce Feline Motif Is Thousands of Years Old

On May 6, 2020

In the first installment of her new series for us exploring the fascinating history of iconic motifs, textiles expert Jill […]