A rich paint color and a graphic black and white carpet makes a glamorous and sophisticated office designed by Mary McDonald.

Douglas Friedman / Trunk Archive

Watch Mary McDonald Discuss Her Favorite Decorating Tips and Inspiring Spaces

Learn the secrets to establishing the perfect balance of glamour from one the the top designers in the field.

June 8, 2023

In her latest Deep Dive interview, FREDERIC editor in chief and Schumacher creative director Dara Caponigro sits down with Mary McDonald, a designer she heralds as the “epitome of sophistication and glamour,” to discuss what it takes to create a glamorous room. McDonald, a longtime Schumacher collaborator, waxes poetic about how different elements of a room contribute to the overall flair, from scale to finishes to contrast.

Among the tips she offers to achieve an “elevated level of style” are substantial crystal chandeliers, painted ceilings, saturated tones, striking floors, and a refined selection of large-scale accessories. Her best advice is to go for it and own it, warning that any half-hearted commitment to a glamorous theme or a decorating scheme will often look like a woman wearing an ill-fitted dress: utterly uncomfortable. McDonald shares with us her favorite glamorous homes throughout history (Château de Malmaison and Hubert de Givenchy’s “Green Salon,” to name a few,) and dazzles us with her sharp wit and fierce decorating chops. Watch the video for more!

Using pops of fresh white helps the room feel clean and crisp while a saturated color adds the perfect amount of drama to elevate the style.

Douglas Friedman / Trunk Archive