Tour Michelle Nussbaumer’s Glamorous Texas Home

The globetrotting designer invites us into her layered—and well-loved—Dallas house.

April 25, 2023

For interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer, more is always more—and nowhere is that more evident than in her richly layered home in Dallas, Texas. Since moving in more than three decades ago when she and her husband were still in their early twenties, she’s raised her four children there and filled it with a collection of everything she loves—pets, antiques, and souvenirs from her globe-trotting adventures. Nothing is too precious or off-limits, and guests are encouraged to make themselves right at home.

Drawing inspiration from her travels throughout Mexico, India, and Morocco, Michelle combined a plethora of colors and patterns to create a veritable treasure chest of design. Her secret to making it all look effortlessly cohesive? Forget the trends and always buy—and do—what you love!