The 2022 Gift Guide: Let’s Stay In

Because going outside is overrated.

December 2, 2022

Ah, that glorious week between Christmas and New Year’s, when the pre-holiday rush gives way to a period of hazy, lazy limbo. Feasts have been prepared, family members hosted, and gifts opened; now, as the days of the week become increasingly hard to keep track of, we embrace pajamas as daywear, find ourselves willingly confined to the family room for hours on end, and avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary. (I’ve heard that some people like to go sledding or skiing, but can’t fathom why.)

In honor of this most treasured time of socially acceptable lethargy, I’ve assembled a list of giftables (or keepables) that will keep the spirit alive long after the clock has struck midnight on January 1 and we’re all thrown back into—gulp—real life.

– Emma Bazilian, Content Director

  • The OG flannel nightgown. You probably had one as a kid; it’s just as cozy as you remember it.

    Classic Plaid Flannel Nightgown by Lanz of Salzburg, $75, vermontcountrystore.com

  • These unisex slippers elevate the act of padding about the house—and can also be worn outside if you absolutely must leave.

    Rasputin Slippers, €90, vibivenezia.it

  • Guaranteed to make your house smell like a pile of flaming logs. In a good way.

    Paine’s Balsam Fir Stick Incense and Holder, $8, bostongeneralstore.com

  • So cute, no one will notice you haven’t washed your hair since…never mind.

    Patchwork Scrunchie by Mahnee Titus, $48, cutterbrooks.com

  • Keeps toes toasty and feels fancy.

    Maria Hot Water Bottle by Shrimps, $100, shrimps.com

  • Adds a festive feeling to dreary grey days.

    Dressing Gown by P. Le Moult, €330, chezdede.com

  • Now is the perfect time to pick up embroidery…

    The Arguing Fruits Embroidery Kit, £80, thefabledthread.com

  • …or why not try your hand at basket weaving?

    Berry Picking Basket Kit, $18, shop.hancockshakervillage.com

  • Pro tip: Swap out the sweatshirt for an oversized (preferably Aran-knit) sweater. Just as cozy, makes you feel vaguely functional.

    Aran Wool Sweater, $415.00, us.toa.st

  • Already finished today’s crossword? Grab a set of dominoes and Google the rules to Muggins. You’ll thank us later.

    Double 6 Classic Dominoes Game Set, $13, amazon.com

  • Feels outdoorsy, even if you’re not.

    Wool Jacquard Blanket by Basshu, $375, salterhouse.com

  • For the most leisurely baths.

    Artemis Ritual Essentials Set No. 22, $125, thehuntressny.com

  • If you’re going to eat all of your meals in front of the TV (no judgment), do it on a Scully and Scully folding table.

    Mahogany Snack Tables, $435 for a set of 2, scullyandscully.com

  • These “nap earrings” won’t poke you in the head when you’re trying to enjoy Netflix from a horizontal position. Brilliant.

    Little Bar Ball Back Earrings in 14k Gold, $290, maisonmiru.com

  • These are Carhartt, which essentially makes them workwear.

    Paisley Park Liberty Print Pyjama Set by Carhartt WIP, $335, libertylondon.com

  • Because tending to the fire is about as much physical activity as you can handle right now.

    Hearthside Wood Rack with Tools, $399, llbean.com