The 2022 Gift Guide: The Budding Art Collector

Kickstart a dazzling collection with these artful pieces.

December 2, 2022

One of the most challenging pieces in the decorating puzzle is finding the right art. It’s such a personal choice, and pieces can be so expensive! As a twentysomething, I struggle to know where to begin, so in an effort to help my fellow young art collectors—or those shopping for fledgling art collectors—I’ve scoured the market for my favorite entry-level pieces.

– Hudson Moore, Design Editor

  • I found Super Extra Fancy on TikTok and was smitten with their mesmerizing process. The finelinework pieces are versatile and will stay with you though every move and aesthetic evolution.

    “WOOD #002598” by Super Extra Fancy, $130, sxf.art


  • Simplicity is key sometimes, and this woodblock print is the perfect place to begin your collection. Plus, you’ll never tire of black and white!

    “Palace” by Block Shop Textiles, $120, modaoperandi.com

  • Wall art can be so much more than paintings and drawings. These plates, by Matthieu Cossé, would look perfect as standalone pieces or incorporated into a salon wall.

    Plate by Matthieu Cossé, price upon request, @cossematthieu


  • Photography as art is my latest obsession, and this print by Simone Gooch hits all the right notes for me.

    “Tokyo Hotel Room” by Simone Gooch, $130, fjura.com


  • Kaja Meyer is one of my current obsessions, and I just about croaked when I saw her colored pencil drawing listed on The Ode To. Add to cart!

    “Soliloquy” by Kaja Meyer, $365, theodeto.com

  • Again, I beg you to think outside of the box when it comes to wall art. The mirror-slash-sculpture is sure to be a conversation-starter.

    Round Psychadelic Mirror by Caia Leifsdotter, $950, theodeto.com

  • I love this very simple, Jean Prouvé–inspired piece of art. This one might be sold out soon—you can find it at my apartment!

    “Reversible Art 5” by Soraya Forsberg, $855, theodeto.com


  • Happy can do no wrong in my eyes, and this print is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you walk by.

    “Cabaret IV” by Happy Menocal, $325, chairish.com


  • I’ve followed Josh on Instagram for as long as I can remember, and these paintings of his have proven to be classics. Buy one (or nine) and you have yourself a beautiful, impactful piece of art.

    “No. 5 – Noir” by Josh Young, $140, joshyoungdesignhouse.com


  • When I studied art in school, I was always enamored by the ways artists depicted light in their paintings. This subtle and dreamy piece by Shuling Guo will make your heart sing.

    “Haiti” by Shuling Guo, $1,800, platformart.com


  • Sometimes, the big auction houses are a great spot to search for small, authenticated pieces of art. I loved this piece by Bill Jensen that I found at Sotheby’s.

    “Original Face” by Bill Jensen, $800, sothebys.com


  • I am a sucker for a black-and-white pencil drawing, and this artwork by William Pell satisfies that craving.

    “Grasses” by William Pell, $2,200, incollect.com


  • Aude Van Ryn is an amazing multi-media artist out of London. She mostly creates ceramics, but I love her works on paper, too.

    “Les Volumes” by Aude Van Ryn, $980, thenewcraftsmen.com

  • Anna Hodgson is new to me, but I think I might have to purchase everything available on her website. Obsessed!

    “Fisherman” by Anna Hodgson, $35, harrydarbyannahodgson.bigcartel.com

  • Ronan, Ronan, Ronan…what did we do to deserve you? I want all three of these “All Over” prints. They’re so dynamic without interfering with your room.

    “All Over 2” by Ronan Bouroullec, $595, thewrongshop.co.uk

  • If the idea of sourcing art seems daunting, here’s the perfect solution: C2, an art advisory firm out of Texas that gathers amazing talent from across the art world. They offer consultations, too, for a personal touch!

    “Three of Swords” by Theodora Allen, price upon request, c2.art