BDDW’S Tyler Hays Is Reimagining Delftware for the 21st Century

In the a new book, David Stark and Jane Schulak pair Hays's edgy ceramics with their antique counterparts.

October 21, 2022

In their new book, At The Artisan’s Table (Vendome), acclaimed event designer David Stark and Jane Schulak, the founder and creative director of Culture Lab Detroit, bridge past and present by pairing historic tableware with new reinterpretations from modern-day makers. Here, they explore the work of Tyler Hays, whose highly prized ceramics are both familiar and edgy.

In The Art of the Table, Stark and Schulak create a modern mix of antiques, global finds, and contemporary works.


There’s no denying the enduring appeal of blue-and-white delftware—just ask BDDW founder Tyler Hays, whose own modern (and occasionally NSFW) reimaginings of the form’s classic motifs decorate one-of- a-kind mugs, plates and bowls made from clay locally mined from his home base in Philadelphia. David Stark and Jane Schulak mixed pieces from Hays’s collection with antique treasures (a 19th-century delft flower container, 18th-century Chantilly porcelain-handled knives that once belonged to Pierre Bergé), global finds (Turkish tin plates, Indian-print napkins) and a cheeky faux-tile wall (inspired by a room in Copenhagen’s Rosenborg castle but fashioned from cardboard squares) for a breakfast table that’s as timelessly versatile as the iconic color pairing. BDDW ceramics available at store.bddw.com.

A selection of works in Hays’s Philadelphia studio.


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