Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak is horror at its most visually lush.

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Embrace the Dark Side With Gothic Drama

Content director Emma Bazilian makes a case for reclaiming "ghosting."

October 21, 2022

Afriend once told me that, when faced with an awkward social situation, her preferred icebreaker is “Do you believe in ghosts?” While I fall quite firmly into the “no” camp, I will confess to a strong belief in an aesthetic that might be best described as “haunted.” Perhaps it’s due to having read a few too many Brontë sisters’ novels as a child, or growing up in a perpetually creaky Victorian house, or simply my own rather ghostly complexion (I’ve learned to lean into the Wednesday Addams comparison), but I’ve always found myself captivated by tales with a whiff of the occult. From classic books like Northanger Abbey and Rebecca to movies like Beetlejuice and Crimson Peak, stories about headstrong young women facing evil spirits (typically while wearing a floor-grazing nightgown, ominously flickering candle in hand) are more scintillating than scary—and, in my opinion, thrillingly stylish.

  • Wednesday Addams, style icon.

  • Who wouldn’t make a deal with the devil for that apartment?

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