Stylish Tastemakers Share Their Go-To Wallets

Upgrade your payments with these chic options.

July 1, 2022

It’s no question that a wallet is one of the most essential items in our daily lives, whether it’s being used to purchase a full tank of 87 or whipped out after a decadent meal at Le Charlot. The takeaway? Given its task of carrying our most precious loot, we think that it’s worth making certain that a wallet is something we’re proud to have on display. We asked these design and style gurus for their top picks, from Joy Moyler’s favorite luxe leather good to Jenna Lyons’s $20 Amazon find.

Celerie Kemble

  • Karen Millet

“I love these little fold-over wallets because I can find them in my backpack easily, and something about their zippy contrasting colors makes me happy.  Also, they get prettier as they are beaten up, a core principal in my definition of a good leather product!”- Celerie Kemble, Principal at Kemble Interiors

Clare V Card Case, $85, clarev.com


Jenna Lyons


“My wallet is literally a $20 phone case from Amazon. I have my keys, cards, emergency cash, and a photo in it. It’s changed my life, but it’s not visually chic– what is chic is not forgetting anything and not having to make desperate calls to be let into my apartment!” – Jenna Lyons, founder of LoveSeen

ZVE Wallet Case, $29, amazon.com


Joy Moyler

  • Courtesy of Joy Moyler

“I love the size and color! Thrilled I can easily find it in my purse. It’s pretty and sturdy. It’s well made, well traveled and takes a beating. Plus, it coordinates with my planner, and adds to the efficiency.”- Joy Moyler, interior designer, editor, and columnist

Panama Pocket Tab Wallet, $198, smythson.com


Ryan White


“I love its minimalistic design yet very functional application. I have to say, it’s been one of my favorite wallets I’ve ever owned.” – Ryan White, designer and Creative Director at Vast Studio

Miniwallet Vintage Ochre, $90, secrid.com




“It’s a classic everyday wallet that adds a touch of luxury to my daily life.” – Chels, founding artist at Afro Child Studio

Brazza Wallet, $675, louisvuitton.com


William McLure


“I use this wallet because I’m always misplacing my phone and it’s difficult for me to keep up with multiple things so I can zip my phone in this wallet and not have to worry. I hate having anything in my pant pockets and it’s easy to spot in a room when I’m ready to go. It has a great timeless pattern that adds a little chicness to a look.” – William McLure, interior designer and artist

Matignon GM Wallet, goyard.com


Jessica Davis


“I like to keep it simple when it comes to my wallet.  I carry a small pouch wallet with a slot on the side for my credit cards and a zip compartment for coins and bills (if I ever have any).  I like a pop of color and this one from Madewell is one of my faves. I like to elevate it with a fun cross body purse from Clare V or Chloe.” – Jessica Davis, founder and designer at Atelier Davis and Nest Studio

Leather Accordion Wallet, $50, madewell.com