Elevate Au Naturel With This Ultra-Luxe Wooden Jewelry

It's earthy perfection.

May 26, 2022

Time to swap out heavy metals and revert to a more natural state. Polished to perfection and studded with gems, exotic wood feels as refined as gold; paired together, they make a bold statement.

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Clockwise from top: Grande Ebony Wood Cuff Necklace with Diamonds, Dezso by Sara Beltran, $36,000, dezsosara.com. Voyager Precious Wood Bead Necklace with Smokey Topaz by Maria Canale for Uni Creation Inc., $7,740, mariacanale.com. Pirouette Chain by Vhernier, $21,650, vhernier.com.

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Clockwise from top: Gem-Set Wood Bangles by Mark Davis, from $3,120 to $6,600, markdavis.com. Boat Link Bracelet by Seaman Schepps, $7,950, seamanschepps.com. No. 101 Cuff by Verdura, $32,500, verdura.com. Shoelace Cuff, $23,500, davidwebb.com.

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Clockwise from top: 18k Yellow Gold and Wood Caged Earclips by Verdura, verdura.com. Tulip Poplar Simple Box earclips with Pagoda Enhancer drops by Mish, mishfinejewelry.com. Doorknocker Earrings by David Webb, $9,800. davidwebb.com. Sculptural Botanical Flower Earrings by Silvia Furmanovich, $7,800. musexmuse.com. Cage Earrings in Wood & Citrine by Seaman Schepps, $6,900. seamanschepps.com.