This Manhattan Apartment Is an Eccentrically Elegant Family Retreat

Tatyana Miron's downtown pad is party-ready—and kid-friendly.

March 9, 2022

Who says living with kids can’t be done in the highest of style? In downtown Manhattan, decorator Tatyana Miron—who makes up half of Pappas Miron Design—has spent the past 13 years creating a casually elegant home that’s fit for a family of five (Miron and her husband have three school-aged children) without sacrificing an ounce of sophistication. She recently welcomed FREDERIC inside to take a tour of the quirky-chic apartment—and shared a few of the most important lessons she’s learned while decorating her own home.



Perfection is overrated.

Don’t let a little crack prevent you from grabbing that flea-market find. “I am thrilled when I get a bargain because something is broken or chipped because it will inevitably become broken or chipped anyway!” says Miron.

There’s no such thing as too many lamps.

“The key to making your home feel warm and welcome and lived-in is lighting,” says Miron, who will often have up to 10 different sources of light in a single room, always placed at a variety of levels. “Lamps add a glow and warmth you don’t get from high hats and track lighting,” she notes.

Aim for ageless.

Part of the appeal of Miron’s work, she says, is that her aesthetic isn’t easily categorized. “I’ve always been enthralled with that way of living where you can’t really tell how old the person is who lives there or where everything comes from,” she says. So go ahead and mix modern art with old-school passementerie details, a Steinway baby grand with a scribble-covered chalkboard wall, or a Fortuny-covered sofa with a petrified-wood cocktail table.

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