My Favorite Things: Melissa Ventosa Martin

The stylist and fashion consultant shares her heirloom-worthy must-haves.

February 18, 2022

Old Stone Trade founder Melissa Ventosa Martin


After spending over a decade serving in director roles at New York Times Magazine, Condé Nast and Time Inc., stylist and creative consultant Melissa Ventosa Martin founded an unmatched handmade-to-order luxury womenswear fashion brand of her own: Old Stone Trade. As a successful entrepreneur with impeccable style, we could hardly wait to hear all of her top picks, from uniform-worthy Aran sweaters to timeless jewelry you’ll never want to take off.

  • Matilde Martin Mug

    “I love how simple these are, but they have a subtle texture and this beautiful feel to them. It makes an ordinary and mundane thing like having your morning coffee feel so personal. “

  • The Rosa Scent by Cultus Artem

    “I’m obsessed with rose scents and have experimented with so many, from rose oil to Santa Maria Novella rose water, and used to wear a rose scent by Comme Des Garçons. This one is amazing: It’s like a couture fragrance, and the scent is rose but it’s an earthier take and muskier. Plus, the bottle is such a beautiful art object.”

  • Handknit Aran Sweater by An Púcán

    “I’ve always worn Irish sweaters—I have one that was my grandmother’s and one that was my mother’s—and really wanted to find an authentic one for Old Stone Trade made of actual Irish wool. These are made in the Aran Islands by a small community that knits each sweater by hand. They’ve become part of my uniform—I wear them over a button-down and with jeans.”

  • Dolphin Studio Calendar

    “I bought this calendar from this small family-owned company. It’s on my desk and the whimsical and the vivid colors are so fun. It’s totally not useful since you can’t write on it, but it brings joy to my day.”

  • Gemini Pendant by CVC Stones

    “My husband and two daughters gave one to me for my 40th birthday. It has three stones, one for each of them. I loved how you can feel the craftsmanship: It’s something from the earth and then it has a precious stone.”

  • Boulbon Placemat by Atelier Vime Editions

    “We use these every day. I love setting a table and they go with everything, from my hand-me-down Royal Copenhagen to our wedding china which is this beautiful gold-rimmed Rothschild Bird pattern from Herend. These placemats actually look really good with something fancy.”

  • Silk Eiderdown by Lucy Curtis

    “This over-the-bed concept for a down cover doesn’t really exist in the States; it’s a very English and European thing. I love how traditional the satin feels and I pair it with all-white antique French linen sheets.”

  • Ulysse PM Notebook Cover by Hermès

    “I always carry a small notebook in my bag for when I have an idea or want to sketch something out. I use the Notes app in my phone, too, but there’s something so nice about having a paper and pen.”



  • Charlotte Polo Dress by VIta Kin

    “Vita Kin’s dresses, to me, are the haute couture version of Ukranian folkwear. I love the naiveté in the patterns and cutouts. Also, I wear a lot of classic colors and menswear pieces in the fall and winter—navy and charcoal grey sweaters, tweed blazers, white button downs—so I love to wear more colorful and feminine things in the warmer months.”



  • The Judy Quilt by Emma Mooney Pettway

    “These are true collector’s items. Emma is a third-generation Ghee’s Bend quilter who grew up doing this with her mother and her grandmother. There’s an inherent nostalgia in quilts, I think people love them because it’s a way of thinking about family and preserving a memory”

  • Herend Lying Rabbit Figurine

    “I collect Herend animal figurines and got the first one when I got engaged, and my husband gave me one when we had our first daughter. I like to mix them with in with my jewelry, with photographs and stuff from my grandparents.”

  • Rouge Hermès Lipstick in Rouge Casaque

    “The lipstick is a really nice blue-red. It’s the perfect red and is matte, which is sort of chic, like a Carolyn Bessette moment.”

  • Just un Clou Ring by Cartier

    “I don’t wear much jewelry, but I have this on my right hand every day, It’s simple and clean and you don’t need anything else. Plus, it’s not too girly.”



  • Bianca Nightdress by Loretta Caponi

    “I stumbled on to Loretta Caponi, which is just like a jewel box, when I was Florence when my daughters were little. I was raised by my grandparents, and the Old World feel really appealed to me and reminded me of hand-me-down linens. I bought some nightgowns for my girls (and one for myself) but once they caught on to what they were, they refused to wear them.”

  • Log Basket by Rush Matters

    “There’s something so beautiful and unique about the quality of the rush, which is different from sisal or any other natural fibers you typically see here in the States. The color ranges from green to caramel. We use ours as a log basket but you can always add a liner and use it as a planter.”

  • Foaming Purifying Cleanser by Joelle Ciocco

    “This cleanser is gentle, clean and just smells great. Plus, it has really nice ingredients.”