9 Showstopping Pieces of Art from The Armory Show

Our design editor shares his picks.

September 15, 2021
Last week, hundreds of international artists gathered to exhibit their work at The Armory Show in New York, which was held for the first time at its new home in the Javits Center. Filled to the brim with endless inspiration, it was a feast for the eyes. So what were some of this year’s standouts? We caught up with FREDERIC design editor Hudson Moore to find out.

• • •

Riverwood 3 by Hayley Barker

Presented by SHRINE, shrine.nyc.

“I mean—have you ever seen something so beautiful? I was so easily transported into this dreamy landscape.”

White Bucket Hat by Amoako Boafo

Presented by Roberts Projects, robertsprojectsla.com

“This portrait says, ‘You’ll never be as cool as me’—in the best way.”

Candle Arrangement by Anthony Cudahy

Presented by HALES, halesgallery.com

“At first, I was struck by the colors of this painting. And then, I think it begged the question: How many people does it take to light a candle?”

Hey You by Susumu Kamijo

Presented by Jack Hanley Gallery, jackhanley.com

“The title of this painting says it all. It stops you in your tracks and demands attention.”

Woman Sunbathing by Clara Rojas

Presented by SOCO Gallery, socogallery.com

“I’d describe this painting as Hieronymus Bosch meets Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. A vision!”

3 Part Variation by Joanna Pousette-Dart

Presented by Locks Gallery, locksgallery.com

“With a name like Pousette-Dart, how could you not make chic-as-hell art?”

I am half of the universe by Jordan Nassar

Presented by James Cohan, jamescohan.com

“I am obsessed with Jordan’s hand-embroidered work. Obsessed. Anything he creates is magic.”

Soft Joy 2 by Heidi Han

Presented by Kohn Gallery, kohngallery.com

“I’m convinced this is a self-portrait of Heidi sitting in an office chair. I have the same posture!”

Schein Blossom (Kansai Hanami) by Jonny Niesche

Presented by The Hole, theholenyc.com

“Intoxicating and sexy, this mega-scale piece put me in a trance.”