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The Short List: Upgrade Your Lighting With These Not-So-Standard Lampshades

14 April, 2021
Digging through the market’s myriad options for that perfect something­—be it a big-ticket item or a small (but statement-making) detail—can be more than a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, scouring the globe for the best of the best: The Short List!
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Forget country-cutesy lampshades and the plain Jane ones so popular in contemporary interiors. The newest shades are aglow with traditional-inspired pleats, patterns, scallops, and marbling in a modern palette that’s delightfully kitsch-free.

  • Marble Paper Lampshade

    This marbled swirl of blue and silver is tempered by red grosgrain trim.
    $336, shandells.com.

  • Roxbury Lampshade

    Distinctive pleating creates a pleasing softness in this hand-blocked patterned cotton voile.
    From $275, bunnywilliamshome.com.

  • Handmade Marble Lampshade

    Marbling reads much edgier in black and white.
    $420, johnderian.com.

  • Rhythm Lampshade

    Bold and geometric, this print is a standout, and comes in a range of sizes for any type of fixture.
    From $80, rosi-de-ruig.myshopify.com.

  • Malachite Lampshade

    Look closely, as this detailed faux finish is as mesmerizing as the mineral itself.
    $200, pentreath-hall.com.

  • Forest Green Zebra Candle Shade

    The perfect pared-back twist on a classic zebra print.
    From $67, humlondon.com.

  • Clarence Tribal Lampshade

    Crisp pleats meet a classic ikat design, finished with a striking vermilion-red trim.
    $228, vaughandesigns.com

  • Signature Scallop Lampshade

    Playful scalloped edges are a welcome alternative to a traditional straight-lined lampshade.
    $220, matildagoad.com.

  • Pleated Silk Lampshade

    Unabashedly quirky, this pleated brown-and-white squiggle print will make you smile.
    From $140, pennymorrison.com.

  • Bedwyn Empire Gathered Lampshade

    Gathering creates gentle ripples that make the most of this cream-and-green print.
    From $154, fermoie.com.

  • Paper Lampshades

    Hand-decorated with blue-and-bronze florals, these beauties by artist Marian McEvoy come as a set of two.
    $2,800/pair, krbnyc.com.

  • Ikat Lampshade

    A slightly blurred pattern invites a closer inspection of this unique warp print.
    From $590, krbnyc.com.

  • Produced by Eugenia Santiesteban Soto