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The Short List: These 13 Classic Bathroom Sinks Are Simple But Chic

No frills, lots of style.

February 3, 2021
Digging through the market’s myriad options for that perfect something­—be it a big-ticket item or a small (but statement-making) detail—can be more than a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, scouring the globe for the best of the best: The Short List!
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While we all love a touch of glitz and glam from time to time, there’s something so quaint and comforting about a simple, no frills sink. The best part? Their ability to seamlessly transition from city apartments to country piles, whether it’s a 1930s-style pedestal or a brass-framed console that looks as thought it was pulled straight from Mr. Carson’s Downton Abbey water closet. Here are our favorite modest yet incredibly stylish sinks.

Rockwell Pedestal Sink

By The Water Monopoly, $1,715. thewatermonopoly.com.

Empress Basin Pedestal Sink

By Catchpole & Rye, $1,215. catchpoleandrye.com.

Classic Basin on Concours

By Albion Bath Company, price upon request. albionbathco.com.

Adam Basin With Washstand

By Volevatch, price upon request. volevatch.fr.

Alden Single Pedestal Lavatory Sink

By Waterworks, $780. waterworks.com.

Soho Ceramic Basin and Aged Brass Frame

By The Water Monopoly, $2,031. thewatermonopoly.com.

Alden Metal Round Two Leg Single Washstand

By Waterworks, $2,010. waterworks.com.

Empress Double Basin on Frame

By Catchpole & Rye, $3,038. catchpoleandrye.com.

Boston Console

By Devon & Devon, price upon request. devon-devon.com.

N°1 Washbasin

By Volevatch, price upon request. volevatch.fr.

Belle Epoque Two Leg Single Console

By Waterworks, $3,582. waterworks.com.

Double China Windermere Vanity Basin

By Drummonds, $4,630. drummonds-uk.com.

Oxley Single Vanity

By Waterworks, $1,949. waterworks.com.