These 3 Moody Hotels are on Our 2021 Travel List

December 1, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us all within the four walls of our home for now, it can’t stop us from fantasizing about all the fabulous places we’ll be visiting one day. Here, we’re highlighting 3 recently opened hotels in Paris, New Orleans and Hudson that feature moody, eclectic interiors reminiscent of Victorian-era decor with bullion fringed ottomans, somber and saturated color palettes and clashing prints—all perfectly updated for the modern bohemian wayfarer.


The Maker in Hudson, New York

Nestled along the Hudson River in the center of Hudson’s historic downtown area, The Maker is the latest brainchild of Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, co-founders of the beauty brand Fresh, and an ode to the many creatives and artisans who’ve made themselves at home in the Hudson Valley—and inspiration for its name. While nearly everything new from the furniture to the tiniest design detail was custom-made for the hotel, Glazman and Roytberg focused on using any vintage pieces they could find. The result? The interiors are not only stylishly intriguing but incredibly sustainable and eco-conscious. Public spaces and 11 guestrooms are a Bohemian blend of eras ranging from Renaissance Revival to Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern—all swathed in romantic and rich jewel tones. 

The Chloe in New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the public rooms at The Chloe, as seen in this article from Conde Nast Traveler.Paul Costello

Designed by New Orleanian decorator and former editor Sara Ruffin Costello, the recently opened Chloe hotel is located in the Big Easy’s beautiful Uptown neighborhood in a late 19th century mansion built by famed local architect Thomas Sully. Decked out in saturated hues like peacock blue, rust red and charcoal grey, the public spaces feel romantic and moody, while the 14 guestrooms are awash in muted clay pinks and earthy neutrals. Costello achieved that perfect blend of contemporary touches, like the playful alligator motif cascading down the front stairs, with historical details, like the 1860s tiles on the front porch—all while making it feel like you’re visiting a stylish friend’s home.

Hotel Les Deux Gares in Paris, France

Situated in Paris’ trendy 10th Arrondissement, Hotel Les Deux Gares was recently designed by the London-based designer-cum-illustrator Luke Edward Hall using his signature theatrical style of bold, clashing hues and patterns, and blend of periods to jazz up the stone gray Hausmannian building. For his first hospitality project, Hall was determined to imbue the space with a collected, Bohemian feel using eye-catching pieces that feel both traditionally English and categorically French—a sort of cross Channel fusion that incorporated aspects of the two cultures. With its accommodating staff, to-die-for Hall-designed bistro just across the street, and close proximity to the city’s coolest up-and-coming areas, The Hotel Les Deux is the perfect Parisian stay for the design-savvy crowd. 

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