The Artist’s Way

November 24, 2020

With her enchanting scenic wallpaper designs, the creative visionary Dimonah Iksel of Iksel Decorative Arts is creating whole new worlds.

The lush, digitally printed scenic wallpapers of Iksel Decorative Arts channel the romance of travel and the nostalgia for bygone eras in thoroughly modern ways.

The designs are labors of love, the results of endless hours spent by Dimonah Iksel and her crew poring over ancient and vintage sources—architectural drawings, botanical illustrations, and on and on.

Compositions are then produced as electronic files and printed using cutting-edge technologies that capture the stunning artistry of hand-painted murals.

For some designs, such as D-Rajput Fantasy and D-Ocean Still Life, Dimonah meticulously selects disparate elements and then fuses them together into wholly original creations.

For other, more historically specific patterns, such as the just-launched Romantic Bosphorus, inspired by a 19th-century lithograph of the Istanbul landscape, the designs are gently adjusted to give them a dreamy, otherworldly cast.

Romantic Bosphorus wallcovering by Iksel launching on December 7th.

The full range of ethereal offerings transform any room into an irresistibly transporting experience.