Read These 6 Tree Trimming Tips Before You Start Decorating

Interior stylist and Holiday Workroom founder Erin Swift has an answer for all of your holiday decorating dilemmas.

November 17, 2020

Several years ago, the Manhattan-based stylist and creative director Erin Swift realized there was a gaping hole in the industry. Where was the company that came in like a herd of Santa’s elves and decked your halls with the twinkling lights and bows of holly? So, in 2017 the former magazine editor decided to open up a North Pole of her own called The Holiday Workroom.

Interior stylist and Holiday Workroom founder Erin Swift.Courtesy of The Holiday Workroom

“As New Yorkers, we’ve dragged trees through the streets and up many flights of stairs and then we try to buy decorations that will fill the tree but then won’t fit in with the style of your home,” she says. “We live in an age of convenience and accessibility where just about anything can be delivered to your front door. Why should your dream Christmas tree be any different? We believe in making the holidays a bit less complicated, and a bit more curated.” Whether you’re looking for a festive wreath to jazz up the front door, a beautifully trimmed tree or the entire home dressed head to toe in seasonal attire, Erin and her team do it all.

Her holiday trend predictions for this year? “I’m actually loving tinsel right now!” Swift says. ”I think it’s making a comeback. And Santa ornaments can be so chic. Think about it—a full tree with 1,000 Santa ornaments. That seems super avant-garde to me!”

Erin's Tips for Perfectly Trimming Your Tree

1. To light your tree, string the lights from the top down, alternating between pushing them towards the interior of the tree and back out to the branches.

2. Keep zip ties and green floral wire on hand. We use these to secure fragile ornaments, to reshape a few lopsided tree branches, or securing light strands.

3. For your tree skirt, opt for a sheepskin rug or soft throw blanket.

4. You always need more lights than you think—some say 100 or more lights for every foot of tree, but we say go for 200 or more!

5. When hanging the ornaments, start with your largest and finish it off with the smallest. Keep the clear and frosted ornaments close to the lights to maximize your tree’s glow and glimmer.

6. There is a fine line between crass and chic for the holidays, but whatever your style is, just be confident about it and go with it! The only decorating I have ever seen that I am not into is when it’s only half done. Make a decision and make it happen!