The Power of Printed Fabrics: 13 Beautiful Ideas

March 31, 2020
With over 1,500 patterns to choose from, Schumacher‘s portfolio spans everything from delightful chinoiserie designs to romantic florals and versatile stripes. And to make it easy and fun to shop, the brand just released the new The Schumacher Library of Printed Fabrics — a comprehensive compendium that’s available to order online now, for free.
The book opens with creative ideas for using patterns, complete with beautiful images that show how interior designers magically transform spaces with our fabulous products. Read on to see them all!

Divide and Conquer

For an antique fateuil, fashion designer and Schumacher collaborator Johnson Hartig isolated different details from his Terence Ikat, showcasing the pattern’s infinite possibilities.

Maximize a Small Space

Soaring curtains in Santa Barbara Ikat by Mark D. Sikes turn this tiny bunk room by Heather Chadduck into a welcoming escape.

Sleep On It

In this polished bedroom by Mallory Mathison Inc., Plaisirs de la Chine makes for dreamy, one-of-a-kind bedding that just can’t be bought off the shelf.

Use Every Inch

Pencil & Paper Co. used the border of Nuba for the six of the box cushion, while the remainder of the pattern was fashioned into throw pillows and the cushion seat in this laid-back breakfast nook.

Create a Cocoon

Enveloped in his Folly pattern, this bedroom nook by Veere Grenney just begs for an afternoon nap.

Wrap It Up

Pencil & Paper Co. covered a sleek console in Tigris, giving it instant texture and dimension.

Dress It Up

Completed with a coordinating trim, a roman shade in Zimba provides that one-of-a-kind flourish that raises the bar in this breakfast area by Tim Lam of Design Maze.

Frame It

Graphic, peppy Zebra Palm perfectly accentuates the straight-lined silhouette of the sofa in this living room by Coote&Co.

Mix Old and New

In this sitting room by Stephanie Jarvis Inc., Caroline Z Hurley’s painterly Sepiessa is juxtaposed on an antique settee.

Double the Impact

Veere Grenney covered the walls and bed curtains in his Belvedere pattern to turn this bedroom into a head-to-toe jewel box.

Break the Rules

Dining cushions in Persian Lancers, Serendipity, Maxwell, and Landsale Bouquet create an artful, unexpected mix of traditional and modern components that wake up a room.

Make It Bespoke

Covered in his Palisades Floret pattern, a pleated lampshade adds a dressmaker detail and brings a feminine touch to this Mark D. Sikes-designed bedroom.

Climb the Walls

From the tablecloth to the paper-backed walls, Bunny envelops this dining room by Shelley Johnstone Design creating a sumptuous, allover effect.

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