The Best of This Season’s Exhibitions

October 30, 2019

We’ve rounded up the can’t-miss museum shows for this fall. Their common theme? A singular genius who stands out from the crowd.

Frederic Church, Drawing, Iceberg and Ice Flower, 1859. Matt Flynn © Smithsonian Institution

“Nature by Design: After Icebergs”

The painter Frederic Church, one of the leaders of the Hudson River School, was known for his luminous landscapes. This fall, New York City’s Cooper Hewitt features sketches and studies made by Church during an 1859 trip to Newfoundland. November 16 through September 7, 2020, cooperhewitt.org.

The Mary Quant beauty bus, 1971, part of a marketing campaign to promote Quant’s iconoclastic makeup line. © Interfoto Alamystock

“Mary Quant”

The miniskirts and hot pants of designer Mary Quant revolutionized fashion in the 1960s and captured the freewheeling spirit of England’s Swinging Sixties scene. A show at London’s Victoria & Albert celebrates her work and influence with more than 200 items. Through February 16, 2020. vam.ac.uk.

Dora Maar, Untitled (Hand Shell), 1934. ADAGP, Paris and Dacs, London 2019

“Dora Maar”

Dora Maar is often cited as Picasso’s muse, but she was also a wildly talented photographer and painter with a decades-long career. A retrospective at London’s Tate Modern explores it all. November 20 through March 15, 2020, tate.org.uk.

Vera Neumann, Untitled (Pink and Purple). Courtesy Of Susan Seid

“ Vera Paints a Scarf: The Art and Design of Vera Neumann”

A comprehensive show at New York City’s Museum of Art & Design delves into the groundbreaking work of artist and textile designer — and one of Schumacher’s most iconic collaborators — Vera Neumann. Through January 26, 2020, madmuseum.org.

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