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Rita Konig’s Guest Room Essentials

September 10, 2019

According to interior designer Rita Konig, “A beautiful guest bedroom makes you feel welcome and taken care of.” The goal is to create a space where guests actually want to hang out and relax.

Here’s her list of the basics that every guest room needs.

A Place to Unpack

“Make it clear where the suitcase goes as guests are settling in and unpacking, and where they should put their clothes, otherwise they’ll immediately be tripping over themselves.”

Good Books

“Especially by the bed—either trashy ones that you wouldn’t want to be caught buying, or biographies of fascinating people, or ghost stories, or something off the normal subjects. I love hunting through junk shops for pretty books about the local area.”

A Nice Candle

“You don’t even have to light it—just leave it in the room, and it gives off a nice soft fragrance, and it’s so much better than dusty potpourri. Lately I’ve been partial to Frederic Malle’s Rosa Rugosa and the pomegranate-scented candle from Santa Maria Novella.

Somewhere to Write

“Including some kind of desk makes guests feel comfortable and at home.”

A Bit of a Snack

“Perhaps it’s an old-fashioned English thing, but I love to make sure there’s a tin of biscuits in the guest room, maybe gingernuts, with a carafe of water.”


Photo at top: Rita Konig’s earlier New York apartment. James Merrell


Cupboard: Candied Peel, a soft orange inspired by the preserved sweet. Interior: Bib & Braces, a blue inspired by faded workwear.

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