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The Short List: Sleep Well with These Bedtime Essentials

March 9, 2018
Digging through the market’s myriad options for that perfect something­—be it a big-ticket item or a small (but statement-making) detail—can be more than a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, scouring the globe for the best of the best: The Short List!
• • •

Because tonight (and every night), we want to make the most of every precious hour. And tomorrow, seize the day.

Bedside Tablet Set

So you can jot down whatever’s keeping you up—and rest easy.
Dempsey & Carroll x HHH, $50, hillhousehome.com

Lavender Leaf Candle

To fill your bedroom with a soothing aroma and a therapeutic glow.
Diptyque, $35-$65, diptyqueparis.com

“The Sleep Revolution”
By Arianna Huffington

From the ideal nighttime temperature (60F to 66F) to what to wear to bed, a holistic approach to the perfect rest.
$14, ariannahuffington.com

Silk Pillowcase

To prevent bed head. Enough said.
Slip, $100, net-a-porter.us

Calming Tea

Natural herbs that lull you closer to sleep with each sip.
Welleco, $70, welleco.com

C-Sleep Lightbulb


Warm at night and bright in the morning, to enhance your natural sleep cycles.
$45, amazon.com

Pillow Spray

One spritz quiets the mind and makes the eyelids heavy.
Thisworks, $30, thisworks.com

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Heavenly swirls of mist that are as calming to watch as they are to smell.
Muji, $120, muji.us

Charcoal Eye Mask

For total darkness—and well-rested eyes.
Morihata, $24, theline.com

Lavender Absolute Cream

A double-duty moisturizer that relaxes the mind as you rub it into your hands.
Rodin, $45, rodinoliolusso.us

Seeded Glass Carafe

Because the more hydrated you are, the less you’ll wake up in the middle of the night.
Sir Madam, $62, food52.com