Why Designers Love These Stunning, Digitally Printed, Scenic Wallpapers

September 18, 2017

FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS, top-tier designers have swooned over the painstaking craftsmanship and ethereal beauty of Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel’s hand-painted paneled wallcoverings. Now the indomitable husband-and-wife duo have turned their unslakable love for the decorative world, impeccable taste and unrelenting drive for innovation to a sweeping portfolio of scenic, architectural and ornamental panels that harness the latest digital-printing technologies and bring heart-stopping, evocative Old World designs to life. We at Schumacher couldn’t be more thrilled to be Iksel’s executive partner in the U.S., making these wallcoverings accessible solely to our clients.
Mining their trove of hand-painted works, and constantly scouring sources of inspiration such as antique books and contemporary prints, the Iksels conjure singular patterns that are at once completely fresh and utterly timeless.
The next big thing to custom: The papers come in a range of heights and designs include up to 60 panels, so that a composition can wrap a room without repetition.
With advance planning, special pieces can be ordered so that elements like multiple-windowed walls don’t interfere with the purity of the designs.
Iksel is available stateside exclusively through Schumacher. Click HERE to see more.